I wish Minglang secretly called bad!

Was found! Why so fast? Obviously most people are still at the Jiange,Which Sword Aunt who was full and holding on ran to the ancient tower and stared at Baoyu?! “Zhu Minglang。”Concubine Wen Ling stopped him。 Zhu Minglang signaled to Nan Lingsha immediately,Let her take the others away first。 “Head Meng, please。”Wen Lingfei continued。 Zhu […]

Yao Yun sat up,“Why not do it,you are mine,My grandpa is the largest shareholder of the group,I will make the decision for you。”

Hear this,I smiled。 She is still a mud bodhisattva and it is hard to protect herself,Also said to protect me,What a joke。 “thank you for your kindness。”I said calmly,“But i have decided,After getting your money back,I will leave that city,I don’t expect to go back again。” I’m so desperate now。 After going back,Find evidence of […]

These three things are teasing me?

Yan Ruyu was a little confused for a while,But soon he understood,These three people know about his identity as a night watchman,Now I heard his identity as a successor to Taoism,Then,This time,What is Sanhuo most afraid of? I’m not afraid that he will take the money,But he was afraid of killing! “It’s because I saw […]

Hear this,I laughed。

Yao Yun’s words are almost the same as her eyes,So naive。 “how is this possible,Generally do what you like,If you are afraid of your wife,To please his wife。”I said leisurely,“About you,An exception。” Yao Yun nodded,A clear look。 I guess she must be thinking,If it’s all like that,I’m afraid I was beaten to death long ago。 […]

Yan Ruyu Endure,But he gradually discovered,People are not satisfied,They have to pull off all the feathers of the red-crowned cranes,They said that only the Arhat King Kong in this world can universalize sentient beings,Red-crowned cranes should no longer exist in this world。

“Do not!” “not like this,Is our master,It’s our Taoist priest who has tried his best,Chen Xuanji was hit hard,You are wrong,You are all wrong!” “Our Dao Sect paid so much,We shouldn’t be abandoned,We should not be forgotten……” Yan Ruyu began to try to defend,He everywhere promoted Daomen’s contribution in the war,but,No one listens to him,because,The […]

For a moment,The weapon officer thought he would become the savior,Use the Phalanx’s rate of fire to deal with these drones that are as slow as ducks,Not a problem at all……However, a huge shock completely shattered his wish,Three consecutive bombs hit directly,First turn the ship island into a crumbling torch,It also completely kills the possible counterattack in the cradle。

Under the precise control of the mastermind,Other drones follow10Meter spacing,From bow to stern,Cast250High explosive bomb,Ignite the entire aircraft carrier,In the continuous explosion,Nearly one hundred kilogramsPBXN-103The explosive power of aluminum explosives,The instantaneous high temperature melted the firm hull steel plate of the aircraft carrier into a shocking hole。 The powerful impact caused the hull of tens […]

This divine bow attacked the planet Golden,That demon cultivator shot the divine bow with an arrow in the cheek of Emperor Lei,Is a superb magic weapon,The name is“Big Thor Bow”,Powerful,Is a long-range weapon。

In a valley with a radius of only a dozen miles,Lei Tianzi and others finally saw the indigenous people in the secret realm,That is a small village with less than 10,000 people,The reason why it is called a small village,Also because there is no wall,Only the fences that prevent the beasts from hitting the houses,The […]

“I can find him。”I said for sure。

Suddenly,Yao Yun and the black woman looked at me in surprise。 ———— Chapter Forty One track “any solution?”Yao Yun asked。 I ignored her,But staring straight at the black woman,“Mrs. Dong,You make a call,Let him come back,When he leaves,We find a way to keep up。” The black woman’s eyes dangled。 She is struggling intensely inside。 perhaps,She […]

Not only that,Our soup,May be harmful。

Someone will say,It doesn’t matter if the soup is not nutritious,It’s delicious,Just drink water。 Make sense,Drink soup,Especially the broth,It’s better to drink water to be healthy,Nutrients can’t come out,Those substances that are not so healthy for the human body are all boiled out。 Purines and fats contained in meat,In the process of boiling, they ran […]

I asked with a smile,“You also install surveillance in your home?”

“Child is still young,Only teenagers,Install a monitor,I have to watch him from time to time,So I feel relieved。”The boss said。 really,An eleven or twelve year old boy walks through the living room,Walked to the kitchen。 I can’t help but move in my heart。 If the camera is secretly installed in Uncle Wu’s house,,Then can I […]