“after all,I am just a foreign person.。”

Shen Xuan looked at these,It is slightly shrug that you don’t forget.。 slowly,It is in front of Shen Xuan.,Very calm,Don’t forget to speak here。 And with Shen Xuan’s export,For something such,I plan to start working from what is going on.。 In fact, do something else,But there is no root.。 And just this,In fact, here,Shen Xuan,It […]

IGFifth election,Locked Akari。

This hero is elected.,LetTOPThe expression on the coach is a bit helpless.。 no way,banA total of five,He is impossible to be limited in this limitedbanIn place,willIGEveryone’s absolute fierce is good。 TOPLast hand,Then let the original feelTOPofBPMade of ironTOPThe fans made a breath。 BecauseTOPFifth hand,The lock is the captain.。 This means that this means,This Jess did […]

The sense wind on the face of the old man disappeared,Converting is a mixed complex。

“Thinking,Among them,Can be summarized as eight words,Tree big strike,Bad single。” The old man’s love is looking at Liu Qingqing,“There is a thing of the world that shocks the world.,Is our Li family promoted,At that time, Li Jia, can be said that it is very prosperous.,Be paid,Eight parties,Too much……In fact,This is a surface phenomenon,It will make […]

Duan Lan wants to refuse,Zhu Minglang said:“The great teaching is also sincere,Otherwise, Lin Kuang’s business,He will always feel guilty,Teacher Duan Lan doesn’t want to make it difficult to do the teaching。”

Duan Lan hesitated for a while,Finally accepted。 “Duan Lan,These days you are running around for the affairs of Lichuan College,Maybe you haven’t strolled around the sights of our Supreme Court,I will walk with you?”Han Wan showed friendship,Take the initiative to take Duan Lan around。 “OK。”Duan Lan rarely smiled。 Han Wan and Duan Lan left the […]

instead,This should be seen as being,High point again set off the previous pave。

In the picture,After killing Hiwi,The situation in Lu Xian and Buron has not been there there soon。 Their current position,Is closerG2Defense tower position。 If,They want to go back to their own tower,Then there is only one way。 Is to sweep all the obstacles in front of them,Killing the Buron and Zhao Xin, who freshes it […]

“And humans can study stronger weapons。”Yeah also laughs:“senior,We go to the gods,Can you bring people??”

“Generally, people who do not recommend non-related people,Because you enter the gods,Definitely being trunched。”White man:“But if you really have a strong weapon,You can also bring a little。” “Such weapons we will not make。”Lin Feng bitter laughs:“We must take many technicians。” “it is good,it is good,This is determined by you。”White man sighs:“I haven’t been going to […]

“I understand”Wooden pills heard that his grandfather’s eyes were somewhat,Head is also low。

“It’s so good.,As for your grandfather’s body,Feel sorry,He has already made himself.”Finish,Spring is going to the door。 “If you really miss,He is under your feet” Wooden pills a shock。 He looks up,Spring has disappeared。 He went out,At foot? Looking at the god tree covering the sky,He seems to understand what? A drop of tears slipped […]

After hearing,Immediately revealing confident smile,“This problem is very good,Mr. Xia can also come to the era,I can also arrange an important position for Mr. Xia.。”

Summer scorpion flashed a surprise。 He had to admit,This guy is not old,The city government is very deep.。 Neither provocative,There is no debate,Speaking, doing things is not dripping,Change to others,I am afraid that I have been touched.。 But the summer is clear。 If the other party has scheduled,I am not his company.,In fact, it is […]

Chen Xiu thought this man had drugged the woman or something,It’s just getting more wrong,That woman seems to be completely dead。

“Evil animal!” Zhang Yuantu shouted and attacked the man。 “Roar!” The man put his head back at the woman’s neck,I saw his mouth full of blood,Looking at the woman’s neck,Two obvious tooth holes are still bleeding out。 “Suck……vampire!” Chen Xiu’s feet trembled,Almost fell to the ground。 The vampire throws the woman in his hand at […]

I wish Minglang secretly called bad!

Was found! Why so fast? Obviously most people are still at the Jiange,Which Sword Aunt who was full and holding on ran to the ancient tower and stared at Baoyu?! “Zhu Minglang。”Concubine Wen Ling stopped him。 Zhu Minglang signaled to Nan Lingsha immediately,Let her take the others away first。 “Head Meng, please。”Wen Lingfei continued。 Zhu […]