Close hunting, Chongqing Public Library held digital reading promotion activities

On November 12th, the Chongqing Daily reported that from the Chongqing Library, in order to enrich the citizens’ amateur life, the Chongqing Library jointly held "Yucheng E Station reading – Babaiqi War Epidemic" People’s heart digital reading promotion activities, strengthen digital services in line, send Shanghai quantities to digital reading resources, and enrich the citizens’ […]

His a woman’s reproductive capital

The fallopian tube is the bridge between ovaries and the uterus, which has an important role in physiological peristalsis, the egg, sperm, egg fertilization, fertilized egg delivery and early embryos. Any organ or tissue in the pelvic cavity may cause the pathogenesis to go up or down or down, invade nearby parts. For example, when […]

De wijk Jiuyuan Zhuqi zal naar verwachting in 2024 investeren!Klein doek exploratiekamp →

Zhuqiao-ziekenhuis, het ziekenhuis van de negende volk, de Medical College van Shanghai Jiaotong, is gelegen in het kerngebied van Pudong Zhuqiao-stad, Shanghai, heeft een geplande economie en het zuiden tot S32 snelweg beschermende groene gordel, west naar openbaar kanaal, noord naar South Ting Road, beslaat een oppervlakte van ongeveer 10.000 vierkante meter. Het project is […]

1 + 8, de nieuwe ERA Shanghai University Party Building Innovation Practice Base Officieel geopend

De Party Building Innovation Practice Base in Shanghai University bevindt zich op de onderste verdieping van de Fushun-campus, met een oppervlakte van 1.000 vierkante meter. Het is verdeeld in "het erven van het rode gen voor honderd jaar dromen", "Universiteiten bouwen In sterke posities bij het hechten aan de leiders van het feest "," Hoge […]

Electronic cigarette on the air: Welding factory "transform" generation processing plant, pregnant women special electronic cigarette is harmless to the fetus?

For the electronic cigarette industry, 2019 is a carnival year and is also a year of clouds. In the first half of 2019, at least 9 entrepreneurial projects in electronic smoke were financing. The latest data on the US federal disease control and preventive center shows that on October 1 this year, 48 states and […]

Agricultural issuance of Zhangzhou Branch promotes high quality development of business

The agricultural issuance of Zhangzhou City Branch is fully integrated with the "steady development, adjustment structure, grasping" work requirements, and fully promotes the depth of the party building, and the high-quality work work. With the focus on innovation mechanism, the project is fully promoted. Innovation implements "a project, a leader, a special class, one account", […]

"Innovation Hunan Green Sanxiang" theme activities and 2021 The 3rd Hunan Ecological Environment New Technology Forum started in Changsha

People’s Network Changsha October 23 (Xiang Yu, Intern Wu Kejia) This morning, "Innovation Hunan Green Sanxiang" Theme Activity and the 3rd Hunan Ecological Environment New Technology Forum Launch Ceremony was held in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Wu Demutch, vice president of the Hunan Provincial Trade Conceiver, attended and delivered speeches, and the second-level […]

[Hundreds of moments] 1974, "Three World" Division Strategic Thoughts

  With the restoration of the legitimate seats of the People’s Republic of China, and the beginning of Sino-US, Sino-Japanese relations, China’s diplomacy has achieved new vitality and vast activities. In the early 1970s, Mao Zedong gradually formed an estimate of three world division on the international situation. On February 22, 1974, Mao Zedong met Zhaobi […]