Fund Helping Industry Upgrade 300 million Series Health Industry Investment Fund

[] On November 11th, Seli Medical and Gaosheng Huijin (Shenzhen) Investment Co. The fund is expected to have a total investment of 3 billion yuan. The first issue raised hundreds of millions of RMB and jointly launched the establishment of industrial investment funds. Special funds will invest mainly around foreign diagnosis, medical consumables wisdom supply […]

Help China’s Ice and Snow Pang Qingjian Youth International Development Plan

CCTV-nieuws: op 19 juni 2021, "Pang Qingjian Youth International Development Plan" ("PT-plan") werd uitgebracht in het kunstcentrum van Pang Qingjian Ice. Gao Yunchao, plaatsvervangend secretaris-generaal van de Peking Olympic City Development Promotion Association, Norwegian Embassy Noorwegen Creation Agency, Commercial Counselor, en het Multi-Country Station, de gasten, de gasten van de Beijing en de Dance World […]

Achtstapsgebied: anti-medicijn propaganda-normalisatie die de "anti-vicieuze wand" van de hele mensen bouwen

Sinds dit jaar heeft Hezhou Bayu District Propaganda-afdeling gewerkt aan de nieuwspropaganda, literaire propaganda, schoolpubliciteit, enz., Bleef de propaganda van anti-medicijn vergroten, de meerderheid van de meerderheid van de massa giftig voor de anti-drugsweerstand versterken. Gebruik het mediaplatform om de kolom met anti-drugs te openen. Om het anti-drugs publiciteits- en onderwijsvorm te verrijken, de achtstappen […]

Helping the Watershed Ecological Protection Dadoyao Water Conservancy Project to the Zhujiang River Basin 101 million tail seeds [3]

People’s Network Beijing November 13 (Reporter Yu Wei) Reporter learned from the Ministry of Water Conservancy It is put into the Pearl River Basin arms and provides strong support for the ecological protection and high quality development of the Zhujiang River Basin. It is understood that the Wuhai squid seedlings of this discharge are the […]

Expert Tip: choose infant skin care products "mechanical" font safer

Recently, a baby girl suspected wipe antibacterial cream change "Big Head." When 6 months old, the baby weight soared to 22 pounds of meat the face of the squeeze deformation of facial features, and developmental delay, hirsutism and other symptoms. Zhangzhou City, Fujian Wei health committee issued a document that, after testing, arising from either […]

Guang’an in school, singing "Azolla" little Shaonian Lang Deng Xiaoping

  · "Xinhua Daily Telegraph" correspondent Zhanghai Lei, Li Li can Qujiang River, the ancients called "diving", is the largest tributary of the left bank of the Jialing River. Rolling river coming from the depths of Daba, via Guang’an City, Sichuan Province, and winding away, eventually empties into the Yangtze. 100 years ago, 15-year-old Deng Xiaoping […]

China Winter gehandicapt van Snow Project verwelkomt Geschiedenis Doorbraak

  Op 5 maart Peking 2022 Winter Paralympische Holly Winter Twee Vrouwen 6 km Zittende Houding Game, Won The Silver Brand Chinese Atleet Single Yulin Gao Jin Color Beijing Winter Paralympic Games Mascotte "Snow Bell" -viering. Zhongqing Nieuws · Zhongqing Net Reporter Li Wei / Gefotografeerd 5 maart (Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net Reporter Liang Wei) […]