Don’t care,He doesn’t do this business。

“Trangote,You’re a little off-duty recently!”Leo says。 Troangote, who was worrying about the future of the Chamber of Commerce, suddenly stared,I almost broke my heart,You actually said I’m not doing business? If it wasn’t for you,Have to hammer your dog’s head。 “Weibull news for you?I got some news on the first day,Why haven’t found anyone for […]

When Lei Tianzi woke up again, he found out,Lying on a strange bed,There is a person lying beside,Neither herself nor the female fairy next to her are wearing clothes。

Brain“boom”The sound of,Tianzi Lei knew that he was being calculated,Fortunately, the whole body’s spiritual power has not been lost,The cultivation level is still there,This means that the other party does not intend to kill him,Take a closer look at the female fairy around,It’s clearly the granddaughter of Abandoned Jianzi。 Patted his forehead vigorously,Lei Tianzi thought:“Am […]

“President Yao,This。”I don’t know what to say。

“Call me Yao Yun。”Yao Yun said word by word,The smile on her face is brilliant,“I’m also Mr. Yao anyway,Take out,Can’t say a brand name,You have to look decent too?” She put her arms around her shoulders,Then I twisted my body slightly,Said face to the window,“You put on,Let me see。” “what?”I thought I heard it wrong。 […]

“The sword was broken into six pieces。”The old man nodded。

“Six cuts?and so,One of them is in Yaozu?”Yan Ruyu heard this,Suddenly woke up,There are monsters in this world。 “Yes,Buddhism brought a broken sword to Da Leiyin Temple,Yaozu will naturally bring a truncated sword to the north bank of the Red River。”Old Dao pointed to the tea cup in front of Yan Ruyu:“The tea is cold。” […]

There is a love“Sun baby”Ms. Sun,She posted a picture of her child on a social networking site,I received a message from a stranger:Your daughter reads×××Kindergarten,Very good kindergarten。iPhoneofLive PhotoFeatures,Leaked Ms. Sun’s privacy。

Xiaoli, a college girl somewhere,Often in the circle of friends andQQSelfie from space,From a certain day,Suddenly, strange netizens frequently add her as friends,She found the reason——My photo was posted on a dating site…… Li Lan shivered after hearing this,“I think of you saying that《Door lock》That movie,Single female living alone played by Kong Xiaozhen,After a deep […]

This sentence is correct,But no one knows everything,Then can’t understand everything。

Lei Tianzi, as always, went to America to participate in the exchange meeting as agreed.,Because Qiao Huiru doesn’t need to go there anymore,Temporarily replaced by Xie Yuxian,Xie Yuxian, who is in a bad mood, doesn’t know whether to cry with joy or scold the leader asshole,Corpse site vegetarian meal。 Fortunately, Xie Yuxian has already prepared […]

She is not convenient to go out,Lei Tianzi took Feng Xu and his wife and a hundred paper puppets to a desert area on a standard shuttle。

Biao Shuo just landed,Tianzi Lei saw thousands of immortal cultivators in the pill lock stage chasing and killing a group of people(shēn)Female fairies with blood stains,They are fully capable of killing these female fairies,But he has the psychology of molesting,I just can’t kill it all at once,It’s to cut through the clothes of the fairy,Make […]

The people in the cultivating world pay attention to reality,Ranked first is the force value,The second is ability、Skill level,The third is the amount of money,The rest of the conditions belong to the last stream,Not taken seriously,This Yaxian Gate can be famous for its rhythm,Lei Tianzi secretly shook his head:“Analyze from the discourse of the shopkeeper,It should be a female fairy who has concentrated a lot,And it must have an alluring face,Only then can we gain a foothold in the upper realm,Not too strong。”

With such a guess,Lei Tianzi is a little bit down on Yaxianmen,In Lei Tianzi’s view,Yaxianmen is no different from places like Cuihualou,They all rely on the place that makes men famous。 Lei Tianzi asked the shopkeeper to say:“I have a few pieces dedicated to the real god、immortal、Spirit fruit eaten by strong kings,Kai Chang Yuan Ling […]


Hear words,Huang Lei and others looked surprised,At this time, Xie Na and the boss of the meat stall had a heated conversation。</P> </P> only,if,Everyone who listened was at a loss。</P> </P> Su Luodao:“Teacher Ho,You can understand,What is sister Na??”</P> </P> He Jia smiled slightly,Tao:“of course,Nana’s is the dialect of her hometown。”</P> </P> Huang Leidao:“Shonan?”He Jia […]