These seven masters,Perhaps for ordinary people, even unusual masters,It is very strong,In summer,Nothing to get dying。

He doesn’t think the other party is a fool,There is definitely a unknown。 Although I can’t see people,But it can be perceived that the danger is not released。 At this time,呻 呻 sound again。 “call。” Summer is loose,Summary to the past,Throw the sword on the ground,Lend two big stones。 immediately,Five fingers and hand knife,Suddenly a […]

Song Fang is on fire now,She shouted:“Xia Jian!You change your girlfriend faster than you change clothes,One in the morning,One item in the afternoon,Is there another one at night?”This woman scolds people without dirty words,But more vicious。

“That’s my skill,Does it have anything to do with you?”Xia Jian got angry right away,He understands Song Fang’s intentions,She just wanted to be in front of Luo Yi,It’s just ugly。 Song Fang laughed and said:“What does that have to do with me,I’m just worried that your kidneys can’t bear it”Song Fang’s laugh,Smile,And the sound is […]

It is the Gu Yi Mom that she knows.。

“I like to eat shrimp and fish。”She laughed。 “Did you hear my mother??I like to eat shrimp and fish.。”Blue Xin smiled and looked at Liuxu。 Listen to my mother,Will not oppose this thing。 “heard it,heard it,You are almost coming back.,Don’t play too long,Don’t play too tired,Your physical strength is limited,Do you still have to take […]

From Lin Taoren’s words,Li Ming also learned about this Taoist priest’s experience。

Lin Daoshi,Born in a small mountain village,The mountain village was slaughtered by monsters when he was young,I was saved by a monk。 Since then,Lin Daoshi followed his master and brother in practice,And his line,But not for longevity。 original,His disciple,Almost all tribesmen、Tribe、Orphans killed by zombies and other massacres。 Since childhood,To monsters、Has a deep hatred of zombies […]

Father brow wrinkle,Eye stares on summer,Summer is unfarent with him。

for a long time,The old man slowly opened。 But what he said is intriguing,Make people can’t touch the mind。 “Ah,I was also a twelve years when I was young.,Even over the battlefield to kill the enemy,Later response policy,Then do business,He smashed a base industry。” The old man did not reprimakers in summer.,Instead, I said my […]

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Not bad,It seems that your restaurant has not been opened for nothing in recent years“

“That’s not。Come!The three of us go one“Cai Li is in a good mood,He raised his glass。 Bai Xiaoru drank another drink,Then there was a burst of hard food。She is really a bit heroic,Normal women don’t dare to eat like her。 “Don’t be surprised, It’s not like I eat with others“Bai Xiaoru said,I laughed first。 Thanks […]

But the night is cold in the middle of the night.。

Love and Liu,Lin Feng drives,He smiles:“Love,Please forgive me in the hospital.,Xiaozhen will do our best。” “Your people sitting people are coming.,What is the guest?。”Love smiles。 “Hey-hey,What president,False name。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Love,You still call me Xiaomhao.。” “Do not,Do not,Maybe there is no,But I have a premiere,You will be a veritable name of this president of […]

“You fucking shit,I have no relationship with her anymore!You fat pig”Song Xiaoniu cursed,A fierce struggle。He broke free from Wang Lan’s embrace,Carrying a kitchen knife, he rushed towards Wang Youcai。

Wang Youcai wanted to pretend to be a hero in front of Wang Lan,But what he never expected was,This Song Xiaoniu’s temper is really like a cow。 People are afraid of death,Wang Youcai is more afraid of death than others,Because he felt,He hasn’t enjoyed enough of the good things in this world,So he has to […]

“You want to build your own forces?”Yunluo County。

“Hey,People are stupid, more fear of robbery,So call some people to protect yourself。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“This is fine.?Is the royal family??” “no problem。”Yunluo, laughing:“18People are not too little?” “Is a little less,Mainly I don’t have so much resources.。”Lin Feng explained:“If there is more resources,I don’t mind, some people。” “Ok,This thing is handed over to […]

Don’t care,He doesn’t do this business。

“Trangote,You’re a little off-duty recently!”Leo says。 Troangote, who was worrying about the future of the Chamber of Commerce, suddenly stared,I almost broke my heart,You actually said I’m not doing business? If it wasn’t for you,Have to hammer your dog’s head。 “Weibull news for you?I got some news on the first day,Why haven’t found anyone for […]