If you are rushing, it is good.,She really doesn’t want to stay。

after all,There is no confirmation between them,There is a dream of dreams.。 “Oh,Then watch the movie together.。”Anyway, there is no topic.,I don’t want to stay alone.。 She is very annoying from my little.。 Since there is a feeling,Then give him a chance,Look more for a while,Not right is clear。 Xie Xi sleep, watching her, did […]

Lin Ye:[keep in touch。 ]

Lu Haocheng filed the bag on the blue chair,Laugh:“Wife,We go home。” Blue Xinye looked at him,Just said that I want to go back,But some people don’t want to go back.。 Lu Haocheng laughed,“You are not used to us home to rest。” “Um!Go back to Xiaojun video phone call,Ask him that he is not used to […]

Because Lei Tianzi came to this green planet named Likenxing, it was a private visit by WeChat,There is no protection from the strong,He didn’t dare to go to the bathroom door openly,So I sent a message to the sergeant in the starry sky,Let the rear headquarters send someone to help。

Man Man is here,This extremely clever lady is now also a powerhouse in the immortal realm,After giving birth,Body becomes plump and plump,With the temperament of a lady,Plus natural beauty,The whole body exudes the beauty of the country and the city,According to the coordinates provided by Lei Tianzi,It only took half an hour to cross to […]

Yang Ping Fandao,The middle-aged man did not introduce himself,But he heard the fat boss and the two favorite girls always call him Oriental Lord,Yang Pingfan also followed suit。

“Oh,Let’s listen to my poems。” The Oriental Lord showed great interest on the surface,Deep in the eyes but with contempt,Hanfu can’t be made by any cat or dog,Young people are noble children,But in literature,Want to installxEasily struck by lightning。 Yang Pingfan gave a dry cough,Thinking in a circle,I quickly thought of a famous alcoholic in […]

and,This kind of secret to Dong Chengfei now,It can be said to be very fatal。

The marriage between him and the black woman,It won’t be too long。 And i was in his office today,Also told him clearly,I have been to a black woman。 in other words,He can bring me here,Understood as a demonstration,Even threats! “can not tell,You are really interested。”Dong Chengfei squeezed an ugly smile。Then pointed to the sofa behind […]

They used a starship to travel through space to the winged falcon continent,This is the seat of the Orangutan Family,The orangutan is a kind of beast of birds,Same as the Jinpeng family,Are all enemies of the human race。

There are not many immortal cultivators on the Wing Falcon continent,Even some of those caught are suffering in the artifact space,The Gorilla Falcon family will not release the Terran Cultivators。 Lei Tianzi is not too familiar with the strong monsters,He took Xu Zizi and Zuo Ayan because they were the best,Has initially mastered Flash Cloud’s […]

She said,Fled away。

I shouted,“Take your things。” “Hey,Don’t you go!” Wu Lan ran out,I just hit Shimeng’s body head-on。 Both girls screamed,Subsequently,Shimeng asked nervously,“Are you okay?” Take a look at the millet porridge spilled on the pants,Wu Lan can’t care about it,Leave a sentence“Nothing”,Turn around and run。 Shimeng surprised me by my bedside,With a playful tone,“Master,What did you […]

If the knife really stabbed Ning Tao’s abdomen,You have to be seriously injured,Fortunately, Gan Yifan didn’t really poke in,Just stabbed him in the abdomen with a knife handle,Hit him back to the ground with a punch。

He looked up at Tong Xu,Tong Xu is also watching him,Neither of them said anything,Only the sound of the ashtray falling on the ground is very clear,There is already someone outside the door。 “Don’t mess with me again,My patience is limited。”Gan Yifan left this pun on words,Insert the knife back into the calf,A cold glance […]