During this time, he often came here.,I bought a villa at the rest of the sea.。

Just,Now I can finally send it.。 Ou Jing, has been standing in not far away looking at the door of the nation.。 Can’t live here,After the hood is closed,Ning Feifei must return to the place。 NS1680chapter:Twin Although it has already arrived in summer,But there is still a little faint coolness in the sea breeze。 Ou […]

certainly,Esdes also knows,The other party is unlikely to promise your own requirements。

But she just wants to find a reason.,I am killing with night.。 Esdes has decided,Waiting for the night, I don’t give her face.,Refuse to join your organization,So you will use this as an excuse.,Directly with him。 in short,It is to find a reasonable excuse for fighting. Night’s house,Esdes,Also located in the most prosperous location,Just one […]


A middle-aged man who is doing is open,One hand holds the ears,Rotate,At the same time,“They come!” This sentence,Those who originally lazy and scattered a momentary spirit,Fast action,Set to middle age。 Middle-aged approximation of 356 years old,Top a big head,The brain spoon of the bald head is a hoe。 If the person in the Jinling circle […]

This sentence is fried in the lungs of Luoqian Stone.,Don’t worry。

“What do you say??”His face,Face anger,“There is a kind of you talk more!” “You see you。”Summer surprised,There is more exaggeration to have more expressions on the face.,“I want to listen to it a few times.,I can’t call it.。” Do not wait for each other,Accelerate,“Bamboo?How are you stunned?,Is it before you have been by your big […]


Luo Qianjin nodded again。1t Summer smile again,Reach the doorbell。1t 咚……1t Very fast,A sound of the kac,Door opening。1t When two people walk into the hospital,Two men and a female in the villa hall。1t Middle-aged man face white,With a black frame glasses,It looks stinked,But it is self-reliant from beginning to end up.。1t That is the gas field […]


A loud noise came from the Foge Chamber of Commerce,The people of the Foge Chamber of Commerce heard the signal from their own chamber of commerce and immediately forced their opponents back.,Then back。 Actually didn’t wait a few seconds,The other side also thinks of the signal of closing。 The brothers of the two forces are […]

To ensure that the universe does not collapse,Reduce the pressure of the universe,Even he himself killed all immortal and above existences in the Purple Moon Holy Land。

but,Finally survived,The unknown existence that inexplicably destroyed the origin of the universe disappeared。 Even if his small universe is already extremely injured,But the strong have unlimited life,Countless cosmic reincarnation ages,Can always make up part of it。 “Not urgent,Go to deal with the world beast,First you have to break through the realm of true gods!”Li Ming […]

Just when Li Hui said the other party.,The big snake seems to be very vigilant.。

Directly open your eyes,Black believers are also vomiting。 Soon it is also the rock climbing along the mountain stone.。 “Lee brother,how? What is the result??” “Have,Come with me!” Li Hui also knows that black and not recognize him.,Just feel that the speed of the other party is really too fast.。 Although he knows more than […]

NS193chapter Press the snake

“court death!”Sindfi Emperor’s face,His figure gave up,A punch,His fist presents golden。 With the power of fierce overbearing。 “Humph!”Lin Feng snorted,Palp。 The golden palm print is like steel casting.,With the power of magnificent power。 “bump!” A spare sound,Scary strength wind wave swept around,The two of the two have fallen。 “Gamble,Compensate me10Billion dollars,The things here are clear。”Schindfa […]

But now,Can be so close to Shen Xuan shot。

This is for the old man,It is really good。 And Shen Xuan,I didn’t think so much.,Punching the silver needle directly,Start in front of the blue sky in front of you。 Shen Xuan’s speed is very fast,All actions,All is all。 “神 神 针?” The old man heard this skill,but now,Still。 so now,For Shen Xuan’s ability,It is […]