But now,Can be so close to Shen Xuan shot。

This is for the old man,It is really good。 And Shen Xuan,I didn’t think so much.,Punching the silver needle directly,Start in front of the blue sky in front of you。 Shen Xuan’s speed is very fast,All actions,All is all。 “神 神 针?” The old man heard this skill,but now,Still。 so now,For Shen Xuan’s ability,It is […]

“No need to fight。”Xuanyuan Dandan said。

“Humph!”Emperor Lei stopped comforting her,But he looked at the Dongfang family with a critical eye,This is targeted,Anyway, it’s not pleasing to the eye everywhere。 Xuanyuan Dandan flew from the left under the leadership of two female fairies from the Dongfang family,Their location is a city,Soon after walking down the street to the door of a […]

Equidistant slightly closer,Tianzi Lei saw the immortal cultivator in the strange team with white eyes,Pupils are black,But the eyelids and eye circles are white,Lei Tianzi couldn’t help but think of a kind of monkey on earth。

According to the opponent’s speed and route, Lei Tianzi judges,About eleven more hours,The two teams will meet in the stars,And the number of Monster Cultivators is at least twice that of Thunder Team。 Lei Tianzi was in deep thought for a long time,Decided to take a risk and try a new attack method,He confided the […]

“Hello everyone,My name is Mr. Lei,From the distant starry sky,Without any malice,Is this your airspace??I didn’t see any reminder signs。”Lei Tianzi smiled,Long body jade,Did not bring any weapons,Behind them stood more than a hundred thousand soldiers of the Thunder Team。

Compared with Team Thunder,The masters of the Yaozu have no military image at all,They didn’t show up in formation at all,Mainly red-haired man standing in a mess in the stars。 Both sides have advantages,Yaozu wins at a high level of cultivation,Are all immortal cultivators,Only a few people in Team Thunder have reached the infantile period,Most […]

If you don’t even have this basic information,Then I guess half a month is enough to be able to come back。

“Have。”Yao Yun nodded。She looked at me in surprise,Seems to say more,Why did I enter the role so quickly。 “that,What does the boss like,Where do you often appear,Does he have a lover,What brand of clothes do you usually wear,Do you know all this??”I asked again。 Yao Yun shook his head directly。“I only know,Their husband and wife […]

How to do?

I’m quite worried。 “Tell evidence in everything,Second child,You can’t listen to other people’s side words。”The man sitting next to the old lady said。 He is Old Wu’s eldest brother,Called Wu Dalong,Is now the chairman of Dilong International,The helm of the Wu family。 “That’s right,Second brother,Xiufang has left our house for so many years,Didn’t you get […]

open the door,Xiaohang。

“We are playing cards next door,let’s play together。”Xiaohang said enthusiastically,“Chen Li is here。” Yao Yun wants to sleep,I am bored by myself,Then agreed。 Come next door,Xiaohang said to fight to upgrade,Lost to the face sticker。 Play this game,I’m a master。 In college,He Niu Jianfeng and a few of them,Often play this at night。 Although it’s […]

right now,It’s his turn, Yan Ruyu……

Does he want to die? Definitely don’t want to die! He worked hard for five years,Seeing to be Juren,Open up the Palace of Literature,Step into eight products,Then embark on a new life,It’s weird he wants to die。 “I don’t have‘Death’,even if‘Live to death’Can really break the game,I can’t break it。”Yan Ruyu shook his head,One can’t […]

“Daoshengyi,Life two,Two birth three,Three Lives。”

“You see everything?” “Do not,I just saw three thousand at a glance!” ———— Chapter Thirty One Daogongshan Gate:Open your eyes for the ninth time …… Under the bright moonlight。 The eight red-haired foxes played cheerful music with trumpets。 And behind the eight foxes,Follow the leader this time‘Mr. Big’,and also‘Golden Boy and Girl’Little White Fox and […]

“My aunt and cousin moved to Lin’an Community,I can’t practice at home,School classmates are crazy,Stay up late fishing one by one,I can’t find a clean place by the lake,I can’t practice,You don’t even know,I can’t practice Lihuo technique this week……”

See the face of the monster,Gan Yifan started talking,“I don’t know how long this day will take,Uncle Wu said the country will let go of monitoring the spread of mutant beasts,By then everyone knows that mutant beasts are actually very dangerous,Will become cautious,I don’t know when I will completely let go。You said this situation,Should I […]