Li Tianchou turned his head and looked at the rascals on the ground,“Leave guys behind,If you can go, get out now。”Explain like this,can say that‘Before the war’Privileged treatment。

The iron door finally can’t hold it“Kang Dang”Fell down half,A dozen young tattooed men rushed in,Holding all kinds of murder weapons,Yelling,Extremely arrogant。The young man in the green shirt and the others started limping and running towards the door。 The people who rushed in suddenly found a few colorful people jumping over,Acting weird,I’m about to pick […]

No, but there is no need to worry,Even in Shao Vohai looks。

Next,Just need it here,Quiet wait for good news, you can。 As for other things,Shao Viohe itself,It is not too serious to get angry.。 So here,Shao Vohai, the whole person is very proud。 Such a thing,What yourself,In fact, it is already completely expected.。 And Shao Viohai thought for a moment in his heart.。 “but,Although it is […]