Huang Lei surprised:“Are you from Shonan too??You don’t even understand the dialect,You are afraid of being a fake Hunanese。”</P>

</P> He Jiao Yitong,Translators in the program group,Just started to explain。</P> </P> It probably means,He is the village head,Also the principal of this school,The students’ living and learning environment is very poor,He knows this,But here is too far from the town。</P> </P> zfIssued,Almost all of them are used for road construction,Very few left。</P> </P> Children’s […]


Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six Wrestling Lei Tianzi threw out a virtual space,Said:“Everyone worked hard,I want to buy a batch of iron beasts,The price depends on you。” Several immortals are a little timid,Although the price depends on them,Seeing Liu Tang’s cultivation is unfathomable,I dare not take it seriously,Said:“Only ten million god crystals and an […]

“My aunt and cousin moved to Lin’an Community,I can’t practice at home,School classmates are crazy,Stay up late fishing one by one,I can’t find a clean place by the lake,I can’t practice,You don’t even know,I can’t practice Lihuo technique this week……”

See the face of the monster,Gan Yifan started talking,“I don’t know how long this day will take,Uncle Wu said the country will let go of monitoring the spread of mutant beasts,By then everyone knows that mutant beasts are actually very dangerous,Will become cautious,I don’t know when I will completely let go。You said this situation,Should I […]

as expected,The order caused strong dissatisfaction among the soldiers,They are making noise,indignant,Said that in the past, General XX allowed them to do this,Risk your death,Not even let this,This soldier is boring。

“Offenders cut!”Huo Qubing emphasized again,This time some timid people threw the silk satin away,But most of the arrogant soldiers still ignored,Vainly try to get through,Huo Qubing’s face pale,The hands holding the hilt are all white,But he also worried about causing mutiny,This is the depths of the desert,It is common for the army to rebel,Don’t talk […]

Just because I didn’t listen to the words of Emperor Lei this time,He lost the last underpants,I must rely on begging for food in the future,No one will pity a total loser。

Tianzi Lei didn’t ask Si Nansui and the others how much money,for him,Money is really just a number,but,Xie Yuxian laughed like a pie in the sky,I bought a lot of clothes for Lei Tianzi naively。 She didn’t know,Tianzi Lei hasn’t bought clothes for a long time,The best armor has a feature,That is to be able […]

Li Lan’s face is pale,Biting lips and not talking,This look even makes Yang Pingfan hate Chang Jia to his bones。

Li Suifeng is also willing,His wife died young,Leaving only a daughter like Li Lan,I usually spoil myself like a princess,Now he is hurt by cyber violence like this,I have the heart to kill。 Comfort Li Lan,Two out,Each speak their own way,Coincidentally,To treat his body in his own way。Li Suifeng gave an order,The public relations department […]


Hear words,Huang Lei and others looked surprised,At this time, Xie Na and the boss of the meat stall had a heated conversation。</P> </P> only,if,Everyone who listened was at a loss。</P> </P> Su Luodao:“Teacher Ho,You can understand,What is sister Na??”</P> </P> He Jia smiled slightly,Tao:“of course,Nana’s is the dialect of her hometown。”</P> </P> Huang Leidao:“Shonan?”He Jia […]

Lei Tianzi did not brainwash the two surrenders,As long as they help themselves,It hurts to brainwash people,Not in line with the kingly practice,If it’s a critical moment,(qíng)The brainwashing must be done,Don’t kill the enemy,It’s possible to die。

The battle is earth-shaking,The moment the rabbit rises and falls, the battle situation often reverses,Lei Tianzi handled it properly,Kill,Jagged(qíng),After taking the best spirit pill, the injury is also healing quickly,The team has more than doubled,Originally only he and Liu Tang were the top combat powers,Later, I took over Lan Po and an infant couple,The remaining […]

quickly,The real content of the negotiation is exposed on the Internet of Brain,Idavia’s domestic public outcry,Young people in Iraq are excited,Walking on the street for days,Demanding severe punishment for the massacre,But there is no use for eggs,Lizzie.Nick even ordered the explosion-proof police to start using gas bombs and water cannons to disperse the crowd,The conflict between the two sides deteriorated rapidly。

Yang Pingfan is also acting,Su Yu’s help,Allow him to enter the back door of the network to get some computing support,But the list of the most critical behind-the-scenes murderers has been unavailable,Seeing that the people in the Prime Minister’s Office began to enter the warlord area,Handover,If you can’t get it again,The murderer swaggered away。 Just […]

“Won’t cause trouble to this point,It’s normal for young people,Just one fight is over。”Wu Changan accompanied the smiling face,“Yifan doesn’t have this brain,Where can I think of so much,You calm down,I have trained him just now,He also knew he was wrong,Go back and apologize to Ning Tao。”

Ning Xichen shook his head,Calm down:“Lao Wu,We all know what kind of personality,You don’t have to say good things for him。When he left Yunji Island, I said he was too wild,Not suitable for college,But you insist that going to college is for his good,Actually I can understand,This is Professor Gan’s wish,I don’t say anything。 But […]