“President Yao,This。”I don’t know what to say。

“Call me Yao Yun。”Yao Yun said word by word,The smile on her face is brilliant,“I’m also Mr. Yao anyway,Take out,Can’t say a brand name,You have to look decent too?” She put her arms around her shoulders,Then I twisted my body slightly,Said face to the window,“You put on,Let me see。” “what?”I thought I heard it wrong。 […]

Both Lei Xing Continent and Emperor City were later changed names,It used to be a territory controlled by the human race。

After ascending to the throne,Emperor Lei first canonized Qiao Huiru as the benevolent palace lord,This is a very meaningful ceremony,There is only one palace owner among Lei Tianzi’s wives,That’s Qiao Huiru, who will never leave,This most noble place was originally Liu Tang’s,But Liu Tang’s personality is a bit hotter,Born in a street gangster on earth,Not […]

Edit click to take a look,It’s another stun,“Did he choose the wrong category。”

Story opening,It is about the guerrilla captain Kuang Tianyou leading the villagers to attack,Fight against the Japanese This should be the subject of military division?Guerrilla Captain Kuang Tianyou?Kazuo Yamamoto?Editor’s Weird。 But then,Seeing the situation, God is about to be killed by Kazuo Yamamoto,A turn of the pen,Time actually returned to modern times。 A policeman named […]

How to do?

I’m quite worried。 “Tell evidence in everything,Second child,You can’t listen to other people’s side words。”The man sitting next to the old lady said。 He is Old Wu’s eldest brother,Called Wu Dalong,Is now the chairman of Dilong International,The helm of the Wu family。 “That’s right,Second brother,Xiufang has left our house for so many years,Didn’t you get […]

“Hey,Who。”I asked impatiently。

“Are you at Yao Yun’s house??”Opposite woman,Low voice。 moment,I was shocked,“who are you?” The voice is familiar,But for a while,I can’t remember。 The other party actually knew,I’m at Yao Yun’s house。 Who is she? “Just smoked a cigarette with me,Forget me so soon?”Xiaowen asked leisurely。 It was her! In the middle of the night,Why call […]

Dao Ke Dao,Very authentic,Name,Very famous,nameless,The beginning of the world,famous,Mother of all things,What’s behind?

Why did i shout‘World Promise,Borrowing method’After that, there is no difference between heaven and earth?The sky is rolling,Where’s Xiaguang?? I seem to understand,Why didn’t the two seniors take the path of reviving Taoism?。 Please give me a plug-in,Not demanding,Don’t want anything‘Taoist Library’,Any one‘search engine’That’s it。 Thank you! …… 【Twenty-three years of Tianwu calendar,March 5th】 I […]

“The sword was broken into six pieces。”The old man nodded。

“Six cuts?and so,One of them is in Yaozu?”Yan Ruyu heard this,Suddenly woke up,There are monsters in this world。 “Yes,Buddhism brought a broken sword to Da Leiyin Temple,Yaozu will naturally bring a truncated sword to the north bank of the Red River。”Old Dao pointed to the tea cup in front of Yan Ruyu:“The tea is cold。” […]

and,This kind of secret to Dong Chengfei now,It can be said to be very fatal。

The marriage between him and the black woman,It won’t be too long。 And i was in his office today,Also told him clearly,I have been to a black woman。 in other words,He can bring me here,Understood as a demonstration,Even threats! “can not tell,You are really interested。”Dong Chengfei squeezed an ugly smile。Then pointed to the sofa behind […]

For a moment,The weapon officer thought he would become the savior,Use the Phalanx’s rate of fire to deal with these drones that are as slow as ducks,Not a problem at all……However, a huge shock completely shattered his wish,Three consecutive bombs hit directly,First turn the ship island into a crumbling torch,It also completely kills the possible counterattack in the cradle。

Under the precise control of the mastermind,Other drones follow10Meter spacing,From bow to stern,Cast250High explosive bomb,Ignite the entire aircraft carrier,In the continuous explosion,Nearly one hundred kilogramsPBXN-103The explosive power of aluminum explosives,The instantaneous high temperature melted the firm hull steel plate of the aircraft carrier into a shocking hole。 The powerful impact caused the hull of tens […]