According to Lei Tianzi’s logic,One person does too much bad things,Luck becomes thinner,People do not take away,Heaven will take it away,So he killed so many creatures in the Demon Burial Domain,Will kneel in the stars and beg for forgiveness from heaven and earth,From a certain angle,He killed the creatures in the demon territory and trampled the sky to kill the human,It’s all because of the heavy killing,Luck will not be too good,Only then has Lei Luo Xiangyu repeatedly told,Cannot use Terminator weapons casually。

Reality is always a lesson for those who are full of confidence。 Tianzi Lei keeps a vigilant attitude all the time,He’s not fighting alone,And family and subordinates、Friends waiting,A thread tied tightly can’t relax a little bit。 When reorganizing the Weixian star field,Tianzi Lei ordered the restless cultivators in society to be cleaned up.,The crime is […]