Yao Yun sat up,“Why not do it,you are mine,My grandpa is the largest shareholder of the group,I will make the decision for you。”

Hear this,I smiled。 She is still a mud bodhisattva and it is hard to protect herself,Also said to protect me,What a joke。 “thank you for your kindness。”I said calmly,“But i have decided,After getting your money back,I will leave that city,I don’t expect to go back again。” I’m so desperate now。 After going back,Find evidence of […]

Because Lei Tianzi came to this green planet named Likenxing, it was a private visit by WeChat,There is no protection from the strong,He didn’t dare to go to the bathroom door openly,So I sent a message to the sergeant in the starry sky,Let the rear headquarters send someone to help。

Man Man is here,This extremely clever lady is now also a powerhouse in the immortal realm,After giving birth,Body becomes plump and plump,With the temperament of a lady,Plus natural beauty,The whole body exudes the beauty of the country and the city,According to the coordinates provided by Lei Tianzi,It only took half an hour to cross to […]

“No need to fight。”Xuanyuan Dandan said。

“Humph!”Emperor Lei stopped comforting her,But he looked at the Dongfang family with a critical eye,This is targeted,Anyway, it’s not pleasing to the eye everywhere。 Xuanyuan Dandan flew from the left under the leadership of two female fairies from the Dongfang family,Their location is a city,Soon after walking down the street to the door of a […]

She gave me two hens,I said I will have eggs every day,I wanted to refuse,But she has run away,Ugh,In fact, the fat girl is pretty good,Just fatter。

Widow Zhang always stays at my house recently,Member Chen’s youngest daughter Rulan likes to stuff me money,Brother Li’s wife Qiaolian gave me a bowl of chicken soup,Er Ya, who came back from the mountain to collect medicine, gave me a ginseng,Old man Zhang from the bookstore said his daughter is sixteen this year…… Ugh,My damn […]

These three things are teasing me?

Yan Ruyu was a little confused for a while,But soon he understood,These three people know about his identity as a night watchman,Now I heard his identity as a successor to Taoism,Then,This time,What is Sanhuo most afraid of? I’m not afraid that he will take the money,But he was afraid of killing! “It’s because I saw […]

Equidistant slightly closer,Tianzi Lei saw the immortal cultivator in the strange team with white eyes,Pupils are black,But the eyelids and eye circles are white,Lei Tianzi couldn’t help but think of a kind of monkey on earth。

According to the opponent’s speed and route, Lei Tianzi judges,About eleven more hours,The two teams will meet in the stars,And the number of Monster Cultivators is at least twice that of Thunder Team。 Lei Tianzi was in deep thought for a long time,Decided to take a risk and try a new attack method,He confided the […]

Yang Ping Fandao,The middle-aged man did not introduce himself,But he heard the fat boss and the two favorite girls always call him Oriental Lord,Yang Pingfan also followed suit。

“Oh,Let’s listen to my poems。” The Oriental Lord showed great interest on the surface,Deep in the eyes but with contempt,Hanfu can’t be made by any cat or dog,Young people are noble children,But in literature,Want to installxEasily struck by lightning。 Yang Pingfan gave a dry cough,Thinking in a circle,I quickly thought of a famous alcoholic in […]

“I have returned him the beauty card,He promised never to make similar mistakes in the future。”Shi Meng whispered,“Give him a chance。”

“You are the head of the sales department,Do not ask me。”I said coldly。 This silly woman,Which day was really killed by Qian Daning’s grandson?,I will regret it! “I can’t go to work the first day,Fired the employee。”Shimeng’s attitude is very tough,“I want to invite the sales department to dinner,Please go!” She finished,Sat down in his […]

“This is a lot of effort for me,I just came here from the community property。”Wang Yi explained。

Guicai believes she has worked so hard,Call monitoring from the community property,As long as they are in the community,Want to retrieve surveillance video,It shouldn’t be that difficult。 “Six p.m,Zhou Rui went to our downstairs。”Wang Yi pointed at the figure on the phone。 Not bad,That person is indeed Wang Yi,and,Her clothes,It’s the tight fit last nightTShirt […]

When Lei Tianzi woke up again, he found out,Lying on a strange bed,There is a person lying beside,Neither herself nor the female fairy next to her are wearing clothes。

Brain“boom”The sound of,Tianzi Lei knew that he was being calculated,Fortunately, the whole body’s spiritual power has not been lost,The cultivation level is still there,This means that the other party does not intend to kill him,Take a closer look at the female fairy around,It’s clearly the granddaughter of Abandoned Jianzi。 Patted his forehead vigorously,Lei Tianzi thought:“Am […]