“It seems that this is the answer between the night.。”Blue staining is still a cloud of light wind light。

Night god will refuse in his expectations,But he is not intended.,Originally, I want to have a horse.。 Although the strength of the night, although he value him,But just this,When I first rebelled the devil,Although the blue dye is very strong,But now looks,Just then。 “Sorry,Blue Dyeleman,If I ran to the blue dyele, I ran to a […]

But the night is cold in the middle of the night.。

Love and Liu,Lin Feng drives,He smiles:“Love,Please forgive me in the hospital.,Xiaozhen will do our best。” “Your people sitting people are coming.,What is the guest?。”Love smiles。 “Hey-hey,What president,False name。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Love,You still call me Xiaomhao.。” “Do not,Do not,Maybe there is no,But I have a premiere,You will be a veritable name of this president of […]

After hearing,Immediately revealing confident smile,“This problem is very good,Mr. Xia can also come to the era,I can also arrange an important position for Mr. Xia.。”

Summer scorpion flashed a surprise。 He had to admit,This guy is not old,The city government is very deep.。 Neither provocative,There is no debate,Speaking, doing things is not dripping,Change to others,I am afraid that I have been touched.。 But the summer is clear。 If the other party has scheduled,I am not his company.,In fact, it is […]

“You fucking shit,I have no relationship with her anymore!You fat pig”Song Xiaoniu cursed,A fierce struggle。He broke free from Wang Lan’s embrace,Carrying a kitchen knife, he rushed towards Wang Youcai。

Wang Youcai wanted to pretend to be a hero in front of Wang Lan,But what he never expected was,This Song Xiaoniu’s temper is really like a cow。 People are afraid of death,Wang Youcai is more afraid of death than others,Because he felt,He hasn’t enjoyed enough of the good things in this world,So he has to […]

but,I think that these are my own。

Hu Luo Tian’s eyes,It’s even more fever.。 Such a thing,In fact, it is already expected.。 See these,Hu Luo Tian at this time,It’s more directly。 “Since we have come,Don’t blame, I didn’t remind you.。” “Don’t want to die,Still running quickly!” When Hu Luo Tian’s words finished,at this time,Tiger tribe,All the tigers and sorrows and the people […]

Just when Li Hui said the other party.,The big snake seems to be very vigilant.。

Directly open your eyes,Black believers are also vomiting。 Soon it is also the rock climbing along the mountain stone.。 “Lee brother,how? What is the result??” “Have,Come with me!” Li Hui also knows that black and not recognize him.,Just feel that the speed of the other party is really too fast.。 Although he knows more than […]

“It’s only half way to condense all my blood into golden blood,According to the Yi Jin Bone Forging Skill,Each drop of golden blood strength increases by 1% of the original,Once you have condensed three hundred drops of golden blood, you can break through to the third level of training.。I have now condensed a hundred drops of golden blood,Strength has doubled,Must work harder,Condense to 300 drops of golden blood before absorbing the true energy in the Chiba Fruit!”

“what,Something is wrong!” Chen Xiu suddenly thought:“Lao Mouzi said that the internal cultivation reaches the 9th-rank realm and the third-rank first-class,From a third-rate master to a second-rate master, we must understand the laws of heaven and earth,Otherwise, no matter how much true energy is accumulated, it will not be able to break through。 However, there […]

Chen Xiu thought this man had drugged the woman or something,It’s just getting more wrong,That woman seems to be completely dead。

“Evil animal!” Zhang Yuantu shouted and attacked the man。 “Roar!” The man put his head back at the woman’s neck,I saw his mouth full of blood,Looking at the woman’s neck,Two obvious tooth holes are still bleeding out。 “Suck……vampire!” Chen Xiu’s feet trembled,Almost fell to the ground。 The vampire throws the woman in his hand at […]

NS193chapter Press the snake

“court death!”Sindfi Emperor’s face,His figure gave up,A punch,His fist presents golden。 With the power of fierce overbearing。 “Humph!”Lin Feng snorted,Palp。 The golden palm print is like steel casting.,With the power of magnificent power。 “bump!” A spare sound,Scary strength wind wave swept around,The two of the two have fallen。 “Gamble,Compensate me10Billion dollars,The things here are clear。”Schindfa […]