If you can marry you,It is re-entered a nail in the Zhou Country.,It can also let the Turkic people interfere in Zhou Country and the War of Qi State.,Find an excellent excuse。

Help son-in-law,This excuse is enough.。 As for the A Shi Nakou,Um,It is your uncle,Due to his tribe in Qizhou,Close to Qi。And now Qi State,Not he can take it casually,so,He will be very happy to help this busy。” Be there,Convincing。Even if A Shirn is unwilling to believe,I have to admit it.,Gao Boyi is reasonable。If you really […]

“after all,I am just a foreign person.。”

Shen Xuan looked at these,It is slightly shrug that you don’t forget.。 slowly,It is in front of Shen Xuan.,Very calm,Don’t forget to speak here。 And with Shen Xuan’s export,For something such,I plan to start working from what is going on.。 In fact, do something else,But there is no root.。 And just this,In fact, here,Shen Xuan,It […]

These seven masters,Perhaps for ordinary people, even unusual masters,It is very strong,In summer,Nothing to get dying。

He doesn’t think the other party is a fool,There is definitely a unknown。 Although I can’t see people,But it can be perceived that the danger is not released。 At this time,呻 呻 sound again。 “call。” Summer is loose,Summary to the past,Throw the sword on the ground,Lend two big stones。 immediately,Five fingers and hand knife,Suddenly a […]

Studio is very large,The walls hanging on the wall are blue ,,,,,。

In a few days, it is her husband’s birthday.,Her husband likes Blue Qi’s painting very much,She is specifically about Blue Qi today today.,Want to buy a pair of water ink。 Blue Qiqi knows her,Jiangyou people,And her father also knows。 “Lady,Your tale is really great.,My husband pays attention to you from being very small.,He never disappointed […]

Song Fang is on fire now,She shouted:“Xia Jian!You change your girlfriend faster than you change clothes,One in the morning,One item in the afternoon,Is there another one at night?”This woman scolds people without dirty words,But more vicious。

“That’s my skill,Does it have anything to do with you?”Xia Jian got angry right away,He understands Song Fang’s intentions,She just wanted to be in front of Luo Yi,It’s just ugly。 Song Fang laughed and said:“What does that have to do with me,I’m just worried that your kidneys can’t bear it”Song Fang’s laugh,Smile,And the sound is […]

Summer,Slowly,Take an extremely awesome sound,“Mr. Xia!”

The mouth of the Wolf has just opened his mouth immediately.。 Just like petrification。 Summer……Sir? Miss Jiang, the bodyguards know this Chinese people? Impossible! Absolutely impossible! Be over。 Wolf brother。 More than him,Also his hand’s hand,And Xu Father in the side is also awkward。 They must understand the summer than anyone.。 This is brought back […]

The teenager stomped at the same time,After his body vacated, he quickly shuttled around the area where Dongfang Ruiqing was located.,His body is completely comprehended by himself,Can’t talk about martial arts and combat skills,Self-proclaimed system,Amazingly fast。

Although Dongfang Ruiqing’s figure is everywhere,But it’s difficult to accurately capture the position of the boy,But fortunately, the teenagers dare not attack easily,Just get close,He has to bear a heavy price,Severe injury to vomit blood,He lost his life。 and so,Dongfang Ruiqing is not in a hurry,Steady and steady,Forward slowly,Although the space in front of the […]

During this time, he often came here.,I bought a villa at the rest of the sea.。

Just,Now I can finally send it.。 Ou Jing, has been standing in not far away looking at the door of the nation.。 Can’t live here,After the hood is closed,Ning Feifei must return to the place。 NS1680chapter:Twin Although it has already arrived in summer,But there is still a little faint coolness in the sea breeze。 Ou […]

IGFifth election,Locked Akari。

This hero is elected.,LetTOPThe expression on the coach is a bit helpless.。 no way,banA total of five,He is impossible to be limited in this limitedbanIn place,willIGEveryone’s absolute fierce is good。 TOPLast hand,Then let the original feelTOPofBPMade of ironTOPThe fans made a breath。 BecauseTOPFifth hand,The lock is the captain.。 This means that this means,This Jess did […]

certainly,Esdes also knows,The other party is unlikely to promise your own requirements。

But she just wants to find a reason.,I am killing with night.。 Esdes has decided,Waiting for the night, I don’t give her face.,Refuse to join your organization,So you will use this as an excuse.,Directly with him。 in short,It is to find a reasonable excuse for fighting. Night’s house,Esdes,Also located in the most prosperous location,Just one […]