Supervise the quality of escort and high quality of escort

Baiyun District surrounds the center, the overall situation is more gather, and has achieved new progress in the region’s economic and social high quality development in the region. Keep staring at the regular epidemic prevention and control, doing real epidemic prevention and control supervision, has dispatched 362 people, supervising and inspecting 703 times, and found […]

The Minister of Autonomous Region, the Minister of Propaganda, Zheng Hongfang, in the investigation of Bayannao

From August 17th to 18th, the Minister of the Autonomous Region Party Committee and the Minister of Propaganda Department Zheng Hongfu studied the education and promoting ideological and cultural work in Bayannaour City. Zheng Hongfan went into the Democratic Village, Jinsha Community and Municipal Government Service Center in Linhe District, and learned about the development […]

The Ministry of Human Social Security issued the technical education "14th Five-Year Plan" BR will cultivate the training high-skilled talents more than 2 million

  This newspaper Beijing November 12 (Reporter Li Xinping) Recently, the Ministry of Human and Social Security issued the "Technical Education" 14th Five-Year Plan (hereinafter referred to as "planning") and clarified the main development goals. "Plan" proposes, to the end of "14th Five-Year Plan", the technical institutions should maintain more than 3.6 million in schools, accumulating […]

Weizhou Ming, former Deputy General Manager of Inner Mongolia Power Company

  Inner Mongolia Electric Power (Group) Co., Ltd., former party committee, deputy general manager Wei Zhemin received discipline review and monitoring investigating the National Supervision Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission News, according to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission: Inner Mongolia Power (Group) Co., Ltd. Former Party […]

Yao Wei: "Two Learn" Times Features

  Recently, in the "two studies and one" learning education, Huimin County, Shandong Province, through organizes centralized learning, special seminarism and "Thousands of Secretary" and other activities, guide party members’ strength, quality, quality, and tree image. The picture shows the party members of the county, Li Town, Li Town, Li Town, the 78-year-old party member Kang […]

Wuhan Qikou: Metalative Office of Interest Service Help Expert Office Optimization

"Thanks to the reminder and guidance of government staff, ‘Three certificates" is too convenient! "Ms. Liu, the staff of Hubei Tiancheng Pharmacy Medicine Chain Co., Ltd., to the business license of the company’s new store, from the submission Applying for three business licenses gotting food, drugs, and medical devices, only 4 working days, saved nearly […]

Xiamen Ma won the "World Tianlian Elite Platinum" ranks among the highest level of the world marathon

Original title: Xiamen won the "World Tianlian Elite Platinum" ranked among the world Marathon’s highest level event, the World Tianlian official website was 21:30 on the 25th, Beijing time announced that Xiamen Marathon won 2021 "World Tianlian Elite Platinum" event Certification.   "World Fedae Elite Platinum" is the highest level in the World Federation of Federation, […]

The second plenary meeting of the 19th Central Discipline Inspection Committee of the Communist Party of China

The second plenary meeting of the Ninth Central Discipline Inspection Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing from January 11 to 13, 2018. There were 133 members of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and attended 177. General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President of the National Communist Party, […]

Spring is easy! Don’t let the appearance of white spots affect your child’s mind

  Spring is a high-risk season of vitiligo, while children are not only a high-income group, but it is easier to pass psychological trauma due to changes in appearance. A few days ago, the Chinese Children’s Teenage Foundation Breeding "Confession Action" public welfare activities landed in Henan Province. Since its launch, since April 10, 2015, it […]