quickly,The real content of the negotiation is exposed on the Internet of Brain,Idavia’s domestic public outcry,Young people in Iraq are excited,Walking on the street for days,Demanding severe punishment for the massacre,But there is no use for eggs,Lizzie.Nick even ordered the explosion-proof police to start using gas bombs and water cannons to disperse the crowd,The conflict between the two sides deteriorated rapidly。

Yang Pingfan is also acting,Su Yu’s help,Allow him to enter the back door of the network to get some computing support,But the list of the most critical behind-the-scenes murderers has been unavailable,Seeing that the people in the Prime Minister’s Office began to enter the warlord area,Handover,If you can’t get it again,The murderer swaggered away。
Just when Yang Pingfan was anxious,Phone rang,Caller ID is a strange number。
“Yang,long time no see,Still remember me?”
Voice is a little immature,With the scent of a male duck’s voice,Yang Pingfan froze for a second,Retrieved memory,Think of it instantly。
“Hahaha,Halle,You lose,Yang he still remembers me,I’m on it tonight,I want to ride a horse!”
“To shut up,Just tell me this kind of thing in private,Why yell on the phone?”
The sound of Amy and Harlequin arguing makes Yang Pingfan an inexplicable sense of trust,Although I don’t know what the boy’s top and riding mean,But he wisely did not ask,But a big hat,“Dear amy,Every time you call me,Always give me some surprises,I think it will be no exception this time,I am looking forward to your Spree。”
“Yang,I have been monitoring Monsanto before,Later it merged intoXthe company,I didn’t give up,Recently I found something more troublesome,With what you need,Sent to you,After watching,You must take the initiative to contact me。”
Yang Pingfan hung up the phone,The phone receives a message,Only three numbers:139
Aftertaste,Yang Pingfan reacted,This is to remind him to look at himself139mailbox。
the other side,North America thousands of miles away,A small town in the Nevada desert,Amy staring at the computer screen,Long time no words,Harley Quinn’s snow-white and pink arms wrapped around his neck,Cross on his chest,Lips on his ears,Pink tongue licks Amy’s earlobe,“Little villain,Although I lost a bet,But you want to ride a horse tonight,It’s not that simple。”
Amy rarely responds to the ambiguous whispers in her ear,He turned around,Worried,“Dear,I’m afraid it won’t work tonight,We have to get out of here。”
Amy looked helpless,“did not expectXThe company’s mastermind is so sensitive,I hacked in and copied data,BetaFound,Traces of data cleaning do not work,We exposed,It’s not safe here。”
The tenderness on the face of Harley Quinn faded instantly,Nothing,Ring the assembled alarm,Less than half an hour,A huge fleet in3DUnder the cover of holographic laser camouflage,Rush out of the town,Disappeared deep in the desert,The pickups can already hear the faint roar of warplanes。