According to Lei Tianzi’s logic,One person does too much bad things,Luck becomes thinner,People do not take away,Heaven will take it away,So he killed so many creatures in the Demon Burial Domain,Will kneel in the stars and beg for forgiveness from heaven and earth,From a certain angle,He killed the creatures in the demon territory and trampled the sky to kill the human,It’s all because of the heavy killing,Luck will not be too good,Only then has Lei Luo Xiangyu repeatedly told,Cannot use Terminator weapons casually。

Reality is always a lesson for those who are full of confidence。
Tianzi Lei keeps a vigilant attitude all the time,He’s not fighting alone,And family and subordinates、Friends waiting,A thread tied tightly can’t relax a little bit。
When reorganizing the Weixian star field,Tianzi Lei ordered the restless cultivators in society to be cleaned up.,The crime is lightly thrown into jail,The crime is serious but beheaded to show the public,Especially those who have helped step across the sky in the past to walk between the good and the bad,In the coat of a good person,People who do bad things in their bones,Caught only one way,Then go to play cards with Lord Yan,No such bad guys in the world。
After rectification,Social climate has improved greatly,Righteousness in the world rises,Kill all the stubborn people。
this period,The people killed by Lei Tianzi are actually no fewer than those killed,Ta Potian likes to kill with his own hands,It’s just that Lei Tianzi didn’t kill anyone himself,They were all killed by the cultivators of the Weixian Star Territory and the sergeants of the Thunder Team,Later, even Lei Tianzi didn’t know how many people he killed,Most of them are cultivators of rapists,But no wrongdoing。
Lei Tianzi doing this is also called“Eliminate dissidents”,Team Thunder represents justice on earth,Anyone who does not return to the Thunder Team,Anyone who doesn’t support Thunder Team,Killed all,No one else can say anything,Finding Lei Tianzi can’t solve the problem。
Under the banner of justice,Even the family members of the slain cannot find enemies,Because this is a collective behavior,The system and the law are killing people,Find Lei Tianzi also solve the purpose of doing so is to clear the obstacles for Lei Pile,In the future, Repella’s foundation in the Weixian Star Territory will be more stable and firm,Everything goes smoothly,No objection,Because Team Thunder is the only one,Tantamount to a dictatorship。
When Ge Qi became Leipile’s concubine,,Repella’s power grows stronger,With deterrence, it can deter those cultivators who are still eager in their hearts.。
Before leaving the Weixian star field,Emperor Lei had a long talk with his son Leipile,Lei Tianzi said some things that should be paid attention to as a ruler,Tell Repella to keep a low profile in the future,Don’t act arbitrarily,And also revealed the secret weapon of Thunder Team to Ripple。
Finally:“I hope another hundred years、Came to the Weixian Star Territory for a thousand years,Here is still politically clear,There is no violation of law and discipline in the society,Officials do not embezzle or accept bribes,Upright for the people,If there is a change,Also remember‘People’s hearts are the most important’,Can you remember this sentence firmly,I can leave without worry。”
“Children will live up to father’s teaching。”Reppella bowed deeply。
Emperor Lei turned his head and said to Ge Qi:“You are Le’er’s wife,Always remember the tragedy of your sister Ge Huan,If Le’er has the same problem as Ta Potian,Just kill him directly,I am the master,If foreign enemies come,Please take good care of you,please。”
Emperor Lei gave Ge Qi a deep gift,Ge Qi hurriedly squatted back,Said in a sonorous tone:“Please rest assured, my father,The daughter-in-law must firmly remember the teachings of the father,Dare not forget a word。”
Nod slowly,Lei Tianzi waved his hand gracefully,Fly towards the Star Castle, which is ready to go, without looking back,Concubine Gelan stands at the door of Star Castle。