Just imagine,If they didn’t have a relationship,How could you touch the other’s hand,Let the other person touch his face?

I exit the screen,Press the dial key。
I can’t help but yell at her。
This bitch,It’s all about cheating,Still trying to make me accept。
Wu Dalang saw Pan Jinlian and Ximenqing lying on a bed,I know I rushed up。
In the eyes of Zhou Rui,Am I not as good as Wu Dalang??
Is it in her heart,Am I such a foolish person??
Looking on the phone screen,Two big words,Wife。
My hands keep shaking。
I warned myself over and over again。
I patted my heart。
And leave the phone aside。
My dad once told me,In the most exciting time,Never make decisions impulsively。
Hold back anger,I reopen the video screen。