“Hey,Who。”I asked impatiently。

“Are you at Yao Yun’s house??”Opposite woman,Low voice。
moment,I was shocked,“who are you?”
The voice is familiar,But for a while,I can’t remember。
The other party actually knew,I’m at Yao Yun’s house。
Who is she?
“Just smoked a cigarette with me,Forget me so soon?”Xiaowen asked leisurely。
It was her!
In the middle of the night,Why call me?
“Problems?”I asked calmly。
“Zuo Zhi,Do you know what you are doing?”Xiaowen’s voice is a little cold。
The cold made me shiver。
What she said,What does it mean?
“I do not understand,What’s wrong with me。”I asked,“Are you okay??”
“Yao Yun is not what you want,Can get。”Xiaowen sneered,“Take a piss and take a picture of yourself。”
“What do you mean!”I asked immediately。
“you know。”Xiaowen finished saying this,Hung up。
I stared at the phone in a daze,a heart,Suddenly it was more than half cold。
Is it,Yao Yun is hiding something from me?
Xiaowen’s warning,It’s not like something out of nothing!