Edit click to take a look,It’s another stun,“Did he choose the wrong category。”

Story opening,It is about the guerrilla captain Kuang Tianyou leading the villagers to attack,Fight against the Japanese
This should be the subject of military division?Guerrilla Captain Kuang Tianyou?Kazuo Yamamoto?Editor’s Weird。
But then,Seeing the situation, God is about to be killed by Kazuo Yamamoto,A turn of the pen,Time actually returned to modern times。
A policeman named Kuang Tianyou appeared,Brave gangster。
The editor is going crazy,What is this subject?
Another turn of the pen,A picture of a child in class appears,The child is so mature,Not like a child at all。
Kuang Tianyou off work,Pick up the kids home,On the way home,Weird dialogue between the two,Every sentence is full of suspense。
The editor can’t help but want to read it,Why they came to modern times,What happened back then。
then,He clicked on the second chapter。
Ma Xiaoling played……Kuang Tianyou found blood to drink for the child……More and more suspense in the story。
The editor quickly found,He has read chapter three,But he still doesn’t know what happened that year,Why would God you return to modern times?,Why they drink blood for a living。
Look at the title,Edit guess,Is it related to zombies??
There are legends about zombies in this era,But zombies can transform people into zombies,But never appeared。and so,The editor can’t guess why the protagonist drinks blood。
Although the story is good,But the editor smiled bitterly,Zombie theme is niche,There is really no big market。
really,After approval,The fans are all stunned。
Teacher Xiao Yang opened?
Does he have so much energy?
Will he break more?
《I have a date with zombies》?