“Yes。”I replied。

“How do you think the sales department should expand the business next。”The old man asked。
really,These dog days are for me。
Chapter Seventy Three You are very good
“Expand overseas business。”I slowly said,“Increase cooperation with some large international trading companies,And actively advertise overseas,Enhance our visibility,on the other hand……。”
I haven’t finished speaking yet,The damn old man interrupted me,“I am asking about domestic。”
Rely on your mother!
I cursed secretly。
“Domestic words。”I laughed,Turn the conversation,“Directors,Some are shareholders,You are all in the mall,A character who has been playing for many years,Some of my insights,In front of you is nothing more than an axe,These brothers and sisters in our sales department,Just follow the command,Like hitting iron,Where did the small hammer hit,Where did our big hammer fall,You have to decide the direction。”
I just finished speaking,The white-haired old man slammed the table,“Bullshit,I ask you until the end of the year,How big sales can be,What are you doing so much!”
“What you just asked is,How to expand business,I didn’t say how big sales will be at the end of the year。”My brows frown,“This is totally two questions。”
I finished this sentence,Everyone looked surprised。