“I have returned him the beauty card,He promised never to make similar mistakes in the future。”Shi Meng whispered,“Give him a chance。”

“You are the head of the sales department,Do not ask me。”I said coldly。
This silly woman,Which day was really killed by Qian Daning’s grandson?,I will regret it!
“I can’t go to work the first day,Fired the employee。”Shimeng’s attitude is very tough,“I want to invite the sales department to dinner,Please go!”
She finished,Sat down in his place。
The first time I saw Shi Meng lose my temper。
and,Still to me!
Chapter One Hundred and Ten Theme
This attitude,Obviously not a dinner party。
It seems to be warning me,Do you love to go。
After work,I got up without hesitation and left。
Shimeng’s high heels hit the ground,Have followed me out of the company。
“Why follow me?”I asked sternly。
“My treat tonight,If you don’t go,I won’t go tonight。”Shi Meng bit her lip,Tears in my eyes。