In fact, play now,The ring will become unexpected.,In terms of their strength,The whole planet is a ring,The previous quarter is basically a mount.。

Earth is shaking,The sky is also a flash thunder.,Everything is like the scene of the end of the world.。
Saru in this state,More than just screaming Satan,Also through TV,I am scared that people around the world。
As for the martial arts that plans to play fish before,I have already rushed everything now.。
They witnessed,Only a lightning that is popped up in Sha Lu,Just plow a deep ditch on the ground。
The degree of danger of Sha Lu,Directly from the previous“monster”Rose“Devil”!Such,It is not human to block。
“Everyone can see,Now Shalu’s body begins to have a huge change。
The mysterious martial arts at the end of this stage,Can you continue to defeat the other party?,Or finally by Mr. Satan, the world championship, end everything.?
In short,Earth’s fate,All are all in this final battle,Let us wait and see。”
Others are basically running,But there is a small beard reporter,Standing around Satan,Consciousness has already got a unpopular courage,Since the wind is still reported,It can be pained。
Unfortunately, I have given him courage to Satan,At this time, it shows an excellent color performance.,See Sha Lu around the blue lightning,The eyes are fly out of the eye,The nose is also scared.。
Although he spinds to Shalu’s specific intensity,But it is not a fool.。
At this time, Sha Lu,There is also a blue lightning surrounded by the body.,Force comparison,Strong is not a star half point。
“This beauty,You said your husband,Can you defeat now Shahong??”
Satan secretly touched the small asked。
As long as the other party said,Then he can rest assured.,Because you don’t have to go to your own。
have to say,Scene of the night storm,Still brings to many peace of mind of Satan。
“Who knows??Anyway, there is no relationship between Shalu.,Didn’t you listen to people just said??
Even if you lose your night,People don’t plan to have our life。”
Eighteen hands with hands,Fully open the watch mode,If Shalu is really planning to let her and night,Then other people’s death,She doesn’t care at all.。
Saru is also true before,Of course, as an anti-school,If you say, you can tell the business.。
“This is too irresponsible.”
I heard the words of the 18th.,Satan is frightened,Don’t panic,People have insurance,But he didn’t have it.。
At this time, Sha Lu’s gas is still skyrocketing.,Even far beyond Sun Wukong’s expectations。
Feeling that Shaul is now strong,He also panicked,I found that they seem to have a little play.。
Current Saru,Even if he is used to kill the kill,I don’t know if I can do it.。
The North Royal King, who has been watching, is scared.,Saru,Has been strong, even he is shocked.。
As a king,The North King said on the big royalet.,Excellent martial arts family。
After all, the entire universe is long.,Many heroes who are allowed to retain flesh cultivation,But it is the eye of the king of the north,Also means that there is a powerful existence of Shalu,He has never encountered。
“These Saiyan are really a more troublesome,What should I take now now??”
Friedha’s kind of magic is made northern king hurts.,But now Saru,Obviously more difficult。
If you can’t even solve the other party?,So other planets,It is estimated that there is no play.。
At least the galaxy in his North Royal King,In the field of him,The most powerful,Basically, it is concentrated on the earth.。
“I really thank you.,Night,I can’t believe in myself.,I am actually strong to this extent.。