“no,Hong Ge,Have an embarrassment。”Cheetah suddenly took out this original stone from the quarry machine.,At the same time, he gently opened a stone layer that was going down.。

This stone has fallen.,Suddenly showed a blush。
“Chicken is red!”Hong Hai stares at this original stone:“What is strange?,what,Nor pure!”
“no,Hong Ge,You look carefully!”Cheetah took the original stone to Honghai,Put the red ray to Honghai。
Honghai carefully stared at this red ray,His face gradually downs。
Because this wipe red ray is very special,Actually a red goldfish。
How can I cut the goldfish in the original stone??
“Rate?”Honghai’s heart flashed an unimaginable thought。
Once the original stone on Southeast Asia,Opening a piece of original stone,In the original stone, I have cut out the 18 red goldfish.,Every tail goldfish probably7Inherent。
Do not,Specifically, this is jade goldfish!
I invited a Western authoritative expert at the time.,This authoritative expert explained,This is fishing jade,It is necessary to experience tens of millions of times to form,This fish is buried underground by natural strength.,High pressure、Soak in a saturated solution of silica in low temperature and aerobic environment,The carbon element in the goldfish is gradually replaced by silica.,And some of the original characteristics of the goldfish,Finally form this jade goldfish。
And this kind of jade fish is in vivid,It is like living。
Of course, the above is the explanation given by experts.。
This 18th goldfish seems to be wandering in the water,I spent on the spot.120010,000 yuan。
“Fat man,What did you find??”Beihai saw Hong Hai’s thick face,Suddenly got up and asked。
“Hey-hey,interesting,Look at it。”Hong Hao mouth revealed a smile:“There is jade gold fish in this,Alder,Carefully cut,Don’t break。”
“Yes!”Cheetah is now carefully holding this original stone,Turning to the stone machine。
“Jade!”Tell this,Belle is colorful,Gold Parn and Palace Two people have an unusual uncein,This thing is almost impossible to meet。
“Ha ha,Laozi’s luck is too good.。”Lin Feng haha laughed the voice sounded:“Jade,good stuff!”
“Humph,Less less,Lin Feng has not until the end?。”Golden Cool Road:“I don’t know a few,If there are ten,You gambled。”
“good,I don’t believe it can hide more than ten goldfish.。”The palace also dismissed this piece of original stone。
“I said,My family is head,If you don’t believe, you can try it.。”Lin Feng gone,He wants to look at Cheetah Option。
Cheetah carefully controls this original stone,Slowly in the surrounding gravel。
The gravel is constantly falling on the ground。
A touch of crystal shiny,Crystal clear。
“White glass jade!”Honghai lost,He is dead, staring at the jade as glass.。
“Really amazing,This jade contains jade goldfish.!”Beihai also stared at this scene:“This value is not anger,One,Two strips……Eighteen articles!”
“I rely on,Eighteen articles!”Hong Hai has a sentence,The intestines that regret in his heart are blue.。
The price of 18 jade fish is afraid to achieve1200Ten thousand,And value money more than these,These white glass jade,The value of white glass jade is not tens of millions。
However,No one will use the white Emerald and Jade Fish to add a valuation using it when calculating the price.。
These two can be almost perfectly integrated together,It is a clever work。
Value is absolutely worth2000More than 10,000,Not under the red crown。
Cheetah is excited to open this original stone,I am afraid that some jade and goldfish have been broken.,Cast a big mistake。
Gold Parn and the palace of the two have almost gloomy drops of water.。
“I am really Hong Fu Qi Tian!”Lin Feng smiled at these jade goldfish,He is not prepared for this thing.,Priceless。
I don’t know if I can meet the next time.。