“It’s only half way to condense all my blood into golden blood,According to the Yi Jin Bone Forging Skill,Each drop of golden blood strength increases by 1% of the original,Once you have condensed three hundred drops of golden blood, you can break through to the third level of training.。I have now condensed a hundred drops of golden blood,Strength has doubled,Must work harder,Condense to 300 drops of golden blood before absorbing the true energy in the Chiba Fruit!”

“what,Something is wrong!”
Chen Xiu suddenly thought:“Lao Mouzi said that the internal cultivation reaches the 9th-rank realm and the third-rank first-class,From a third-rate master to a second-rate master, we must understand the laws of heaven and earth,Otherwise, no matter how much true energy is accumulated, it will not be able to break through。
However, there is no introduction to the law of the world。Is it missing from the book or is it that the physical training is different from the qi training?,I have no sense of the law of heaven and earth at all?”
Chen Xiu is more weird,The more I feel the contradiction between the two。
He doesn’t know,Yijin forging bone is inherited from the Witch。
Legend has it that after the fall of Pangu,One gas into three clear,They are Daozu Taishang moral heaven、Taiqing Primitive Tianzun、Yuqing Tongtian Master。The Taoism handed down from the Sanqing Dynasty is the originator of the current cultivators;
When the Great God Pangu fell,Even more, the blood has turned into the twelve ancestor witch。
The Twelve Ancestor Witch and Sanqing’s method of conquering the saints are very different,Do not practice Qi, do not cultivate the soul,Is the physical sanctification。
Although the method of physical training and the method of training qi are both great methods of conquering heaven,There is no high or low,But the way of cultivation is quite different。
The method of practicing qi has a sense of the law of heaven and earth,And the method of physical training was inherited from the twelve ancestor witches,The twelve ancestor wizard inherited Pangu’s law of flesh and blood,Is to create a world,Naturally, I ignore the law of heaven and earth together。
Naturally, there is no requirement to understand the laws of heaven and earth。
It’s just that the real physical training method dissipated as the Twelve Ancestor Witch defeated the Monster Race as early as the ancient times.。
The body art of passing time in later generations,For example, King Kong is not bad、Golden bell、These iron cloth shirts were only obtained by later cultivators imitating the twelve ancestor witches,Still can’t get rid of the category of Qi training,We must also feel the law of heaven and earth。
And what Chen Xiu is now practicing is authentic witchcraft,Naturally, there is no limit to the laws of heaven and earth。