This severe pain makes him understand that he is not dreaming.。

He quickly chased the past.。
Mu Ziyi smiled before,This kind of retaliation is happy,Cool to him want to tell the world。
He also ran with the past。
Sudden,Blue Xin’s body,Excited sound,This sound is low,It seems to be deliberately suppressed some kind of feelings。
Blue Xinyi listened to this familiar voice,Slow back and look at it。
See Lu Haoheng and Mu Zizheng,She is quite surprised,Laugh:“Continental,Manager,Well。”
“Um!Be a good。”Lu Haocheng looked at her laughing,Refers to the blue 梓 俊,“Blue,He is the same as。”
Lan Xin bowed,Laughing and looked at the son,Introduce the road:“Continental,This is the big brother,Xiao Jun。”
Lu Hao Cheng’s guessment has become a reality at this moment.,He is excited,He is still trying to press,His whole person looks tight and nervous。
Even the Mu Zizi in the side is envious of Lu Haozheng.。
What is this land??There is a twin son。
嘤嘤 嘤嘤!!
This is too big for him.,His wife still raises his mother’s family.,Which of which is not falling yet?
It’s hard to watch it.,People also have the same flower,He now feels dark。
Blue Xin also introduced:“Xiao Jun,This is the president of Mom Company,Lu Gong and Motor。”
“Two uncle is good!”Blue Yujun suddenly became indifferent,The look is also indifferent。
This uncle,Let the excitement, Lu Hao, soust,He smiled and rushed to the blue and laugh.。
“Xiao Jun,Hello。”Lu Haocheng laughed,Low alcohol’s voice is very good,He strives to suppress my heart’s excitement。
He actually has two sons.,Two excellent,Haha Lu Hao is excited to be excited。
And still he and blue children,How can he not happy??
He simply wanted to tell the world.。
NS188chapter:I know yourself in the hearts of their brothers.,Le Yu Xi

NS188chapter:I know yourself in the hearts of their brothers.,Le Yu Xi
Although I delayed it to do parent-child identification,But his heart has already been determined.,She is blue blue,This feeling,The first time this is strong。
Lu Haocheng looked at Muzi,Say:“Son,You go to drive over,Blue and let us walk with us。”
Mu Ziyi looked at him smile,The bottom is an envy that is concealed.,He nodded,Turned to the parking lot。
Blue Xindao:“Continental,Don’t have to be troublesome,Let’s take a taxi to take it back.。”
“Blue,No trouble,The place where we live is not far away.,Moreover, it has now reached the time of eating,It is better to eat first.,It’s just that Xiao Jun came over.,It’s better to take him with him.。”
His gentle sound,Unrestrained,Perfect handsome,The corner of the mouth is a mild smile。
Blue Xin looks like this Lu Haozheng,I feel that he is a contrary,This man’s mind,It is difficult to speculate。
Lan Wei, glance, deeply gazing Lu Hao,This Lu Hao,Unlike the legendary,At least,He is very good for my mother。
Blue Xin is a little about,She doesn’t want to have too many intersections with Lu Haozheng.,In addition to the boss and employee,She just wants to be far from him.。
Blue 梓 俊 seems to be a difficult moment of mother,View timed:“Mother,I want to go back to rest.,I’m tired。”