have“Doctoral”日 日,Master five properties Chakra’s nature changes,It is also an old age.,Chakra is not a young,Otherwise the strength is absolutely not ignored。

Wuyi combination,Power is terror,Wooden ninja receives the instructions after the next advance,So did not be affected。
Foot-footed a quarter of the Zhizhi wave size attack range,Horror element,Come towards the night。
“Ice Five Ice Tunnel!”
Night, single-handed ground,As the ground shakes,Five huge cold thresholds appeared in front of night。
Five Luo Shengmen Winking Edition!Huge cold threshold while appearing,The temperature of the air dropped a lot。
Three generations of fire combinations,Impact on the ice threshold,The first heavy door is destroyed and pulverized。
The second weight is also almost,Just straightened powder as the first weight。
Then the third weight is only worn by the complete hole,Until the fourth door,Three generations of Wuyi combined tolerance,Power has been reduced,Break through the fourth door。
When attacks come to the last heavy door,Wuyi combination has completely disappeared,Direct dissipated in the air。
“Actually blocked??It seems that I am really old.”
Looking at yourself is the strongest combination,Actually blocked by each other,In addition to the power of the enemy,I still feel that I have been old.。
If it is a young time,Just combined tolerance,Power should be sufficient to destroy all the defense of each other。
But now you use,The power is not limited to a lot,Even this five rupture,I feel that some power is not from the heart.
The three generations of fire are still being angry.,But the night can not let this opportunity,In an instant that I just touched,He has been instantly until the three generations of fire.。
Village is instantly out of sheath,Directly cut it directly towards the neck of the three generations。
Whether it is a three-generation rigging or a group,Night is not good for these two old guys,Oral sound for wooden leaves,There is also the old woman“Fire will”,But there is a lot of people who die in them.。
Silver knife is fry in air,As long as this knife is hit,Three generations of fire!
The sound of a gold stone,The village in the night hand is blocked.,And blocking the blade is the wishful rod。
Because it is a three-generation rigid psychic beast,If you have an independent thinking and action。
Just got the magic is self-protecting,Help three generations of fire blocks this fatal one。
The blade is blocked,Night rapid response,Rotating the body is a whip leg,Kicking the chest of the three generations。
Although the three generations of rigs have reacted,And hands cross care on the chest,But with the current quality of the night,How old is the old body to block。
Three-generation rigs in kicking in the night,It’s like an eabilizing ejection.,Turning around the air in the air,Then the next step is stopped.。
“Nigner!Medical Ninja is coming over to treat fire!”
Wooden ninus around,Seeing the three generations of fire suddenly suffered heavy,I have rushed to the three generations of fire.,Take it behind it。
“Sternum,Some bones even entered the lungs。
no,This situation is not a fight again.,Otherwise there will be dangerous!”
Medical Ninja looks like the injury on the three generations of fire,Make diagnosis。
“do not worry,I can also fight,Now, in addition to my no one can stop him。
Once he escapes outside the neighborhood,There must be a large number of villagers being affected,Shadow of a village,This moment is absolutely unbearable!”
Three generations of rigging struggles,But the other dark ninja will be tightly taken behind.,It is said that it is not willing to let the three generations come forward.。
And other secrets of the Ninja with others,At this time, I also launched an attack toward the night.。