Ouyang Hong sitting in the back row is anxious,She coughed,said laughingly:“The police came with the Land and Resources Bureau,This has nothing to do with Secretary Long,You think too much“

Secretary Li of the town committee also quickly said:“Yes,Mayor Ouyang is right“
Everything is for this sake,He Xia Jian mixes again,I also know that the sky is huge。Secretary Long and the two sitting next to each other whispered and said:“It seems that the whistleblower said something different,We will deal with this when we go back,But you must do the above things seriously,Otherwise we come next time,Won’t ask questions like this“
Xia Jian did not speak,Just nodded。
Wait for Secretary Long to leave,Secretary Li of the town committee initiated Biao,He touched the sparse hair,Speak loudly:“Good you Xia Jian,As the head of a village,Be so reckless,Even the people from the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection are here,How do you explain this?“Secretary Li’s anger,Looks more fierce than Secretary Long who left just now。
Xia Jian had a fire in his heart,There is nowhere to post at this time,Seeing Secretary Li came up,Then shouted:“What do you want me to explain?Or you can catch me“
“What is your attitude,There is organization in the eyes,Is there any discipline??”Secretary Li is also roaring like thunder,Patting the table and arguing with Xia Jian。
In the compound of the village committee,The villagers surrounded the yard,Some villagers shouted:“This matter has nothing to do with the village chief,Everyone agreed to do this,Is it wrong to make a fortune??”
Secretary Li held the glasses with his hand,Pointing out the window,Chong Xia Jian roared:“These people are also your encouragement?What are you doing?Is this how the model village is??”
“I just came back,You see,What did i encourage,We’re not playing the model village anymore,You take it back”Xia Jian shouted,I took off the hanging picture frame from the wall,Thrown in front of Secretary Li。
Secretary Li was so angry that he was so angry,Ouyang Hong stood up,Scolded Xiajian:“A bit too much,You sit down for me,Things got this way,You have reason?”
at this time,Mo Yan ran in,She said anxiously:“village head,People from the Bureau of Land Resources and Water Resources,To demolish the factory we built”