“Do you mean in Portuguese?”Sentong Mausolee 神 神:“What is the nuclear explosion in the stars?”

“You have a closed door,I don’t know at all.,I mean that the starry nuclear explosion is to block a person.。”Portuguese。
“Block a person back?impossible,I am afraid that the strong people in nine heavens will be killed.!”Southam Tomb。
“Do not,Do not,He masters a gonman,Can constrain it out。”Portuguese:“In this case,He can avoid being attacked,Dead escape has not been possible。”
“This!”Sentangnoma is directly sitting directly on the chair.,He can’t imagine this.。
“So he didn’t die at all,He mastered a lot of technology,Bo Si’an can make a hydrogen bomb in such a short period of time.!”Portuguese Jingjing cold road。
Portuguese Jing,Sthangling shadow,He is unimaginable to imagine something like this。
“good,not dead!”Tiehuang Yinxiang face:“He also deceived all of us.,It is he destroyed the eight base base.,Give us a disaster,Let us a white bear empire attacks on the energetic force。”
Southam Tomewenes,Eight-country forces to attack the white bear empire,Let the White Bear Empire lose extremely heavy,This is almost blood enmissions。
“Let’s go to the Slud that you will go。”Tiehuang face。
“Go to Bozi, robbing?”Portuguese Jingjing:“Unless we are too short。”
“so what should I do now?”Two people who have also heard of the Portuguese Jingjing.。
“Take a step and watch a step,Since they release this message,Not afraid of others to grab。”Portuguese Jing light flashes:“It is also a warning of countries with nuclear weapons in the world.。”
The two people who have been silent and the two people of the Tiehuang and Southam。
“Let the two major power of the seven continent,We don’t take too much thing.。”Portuguese:“We are not eligible to compete for the hegemony of the seven continent.。”
“God,Taishan League,Brahm,Magic society。”Sentong Mausoleum heard the words of God:“indeed,White Bear Empire is no qualified to compete。”
“good,But we can’t give up,To hominate。”The iron emperor reveals a spicy road:“All right,Portuguese,Stath,Let it go,Let’s go to the dark city to see,This time Bur family wants to bid things.,Need two to help。”
“Iron,Your business is our business。”Southam Lingnam。
“good,Your business is our business。”Portuguese Jingnao also nodded。
Tiehuang heard a little bit,Immediately and Sastland,Portuguese walked out of the White Xiongmelin together,Then I went to the West.。
Taishan is standing in a hazy figure。
He stands in front of him,Li Sky,Longchui and others。
“They have succeeded,It seems that he has taken many technologies.。”Longchuang Road。
“Not a heritage,Place the world’s major forces in the applause。”朦 胧 faint road:“Today, the eight-national power has no evil.。”
“Nothing,The main responsibility is this Qinglong Chamber of Commerce。”Li Sundi is so laughing。
“All right,You don’t talk about it.,Out of a nuclear weapon country。”朦 胧 faint road:“The more fierce the main battle of the seven continent,Better,If you don’t have to master these technologies,I looked at him instead.。”
“Do we need to capture??”Long Chuang Shi Shenqi。
“He is out of order,I am not afraid of being captured.,I think they are ready to prepare.。”朦 胧 faint road:“All right,Go to the Western world now.,There are a few things in the gods.,I am more interested in,In the way, look at this dragon fight。”
“You mean he will shoot?”Guo 18。