Those who have joined early in the live broadcast,Looking at the speed of the number of people in Xuan brother,Suddenly dumb,I thought this kind of pumping is very large.,who knows,Sirring ten times from two hundred!

NS80Chapter 财气 气
Shen Xuan listened to the discussion,I also ran to see the quantity of the fan group.,Already two thousand to two thousand five hundred!
Short a few minutes,More than 500 people,It’s too horrible!
“Bros,You are too enthusiastic.!”
Shen Xuan is also a bit helpless,His intention is a little benefit to the water friends.,Thinking of a fan group is not so many people,Take one hundred copies,This kind of winning prize is a big point。
result,I have poured so many people.!
According to this posture,At least 3,000 people are the lowest,Take 100,A large part of people can’t draw。
Maybe those who ran over from the outside will grab it.,Those who are originally active。
This is not the original intention of Shen Xuan.。
“People are not a fool,You draw one hundred copies,The winning chance is very large。”
“Others are thousands of people smoking one,You are a few thousand pumping one hundred,Agrantn。”
“I am still recharging in the fight in the head.,The first time dedicated to Xuan brother!”
Many people discuss,Everything is very excited。
Shen Xuan is also understood,Other anchor is a lot of,Or ten,I am a hundred and one hundred,Bigger,It is a fun to spend a dollar.。
Since this,It’s better to play a big?
“Xue Qing,There are many fruits in your side.?”
Shen Xuan suddenly asked。
Fruit component?
“How much,This only started picking it.,I haven’t sold it yet.!”
Xue Qing said busy,“what do you mean?”
“Means nothing,Give me one hundred copies!”
Shen Xuan stands up with a hand,road:“A total of two hundred copies,30,000 pieces,I bought it!”
“Since there is a lottery today,Then play a big,Two hundred copies!”
Good guy!
Two hundred copies in a time!
This is still a fight.?
Is it so big??
all of a sudden,Everyone in the entire live broadcast is crazy.。