Rong Shen’s eyes stared,A hammer in the right hand—The upper artifact slammed into the firelight dagger。

The confrontation made him take a few steps back,Both arms and even the entire upper body were broken by the impact of the impact generated by the muscles,Blood burst,Artifact broken。But this main artifact dagger was also blocked。
While Wright launched a soul attack,The spear flashed in the right hand,Simultaneous use of marksmanship·Sunset mountain river,Like an illusory river surrounding the mountains,Sunset,The tip of the gun overlaps with the sun,Bombarded the blood elves again。
“Qian~”The blood elves showed his terrifying physical defenses,Actually jammed Wright’s spear abruptly,The tip of the gun pierced his body,But stuck on its body surface and cannot penetrate。
He is not an ordinary god,He is the armor passed down by a mortal empire general in the material plane,Soaking blood on the battlefield for a long time,Lingzhi was born。Then slowly practice the law of perception,Step into God’s Domain,Enter the world of life。
For normal gods,Use artifact,Use your own power,Soul power to conceive weapons,Inspire their spirituality in battle,Increase the strength of weapons。
And the body of the blood elves,As if,Do not,Is an artifact。The characteristic of the artifact is extremely hard,But lacks resilience。
This also leads to,His body is extremely defensive,But without considering the law and mystery,His power bursts but he cannot be like Wright、God Rong is so powerful,It’s equivalent to the explosion of normal upper gods。
Rong Shen’s hammer hit him directly,The powerful force directly bounced him off。The part stuck by the tip of Wright’s gun is completely torn。
The bloody elf’s body was thrown away,But there was a hint of joy in my eyes。
“Whoosh~”The bloody elf’s armor body turned into a flame,The powerful force generated by the impact,Flew out。And the main artifact dagger also turned into a stream of light to protect by his side。
Wright and God Rong looked at each other,Both of them are not good at speed。If Wright’s body is,I can still try to use the fusion power,This place Vulcan clone is fine。
That’s it,The two still chased,But later I found out that the speed really couldn’t keep up with that bloody elf。Had to stop。
“Brother Rong。”Wright turned and looked at the dog head god said:“I think we should talk。”
“That’s true。”Shen Rong also nodded silently。“Actually I wanted to see you a long time ago。”
The two flew directly to the nearest city。