Studio is very large,The walls hanging on the wall are blue ,,,,,。

In a few days, it is her husband’s birthday.,Her husband likes Blue Qi’s painting very much,She is specifically about Blue Qi today today.,Want to buy a pair of water ink。
Blue Qiqi knows her,Jiangyou people,And her father also knows。
“Lady,Your tale is really great.,My husband pays attention to you from being very small.,He never disappointed with you in the picture。”
Blue Qiqi is a humble laugh,All good reputation,They are exchanged with sweat.。“Mrs. Qin,I know that I have been a birthday of Mr. Qin for three days.,In fact, I am thinking about it.,Send birthday gift to Mr. Qin??Since Mrs. Qin is coming,Let Qin lady will take back by the way.,I know Mr. Qin to ink.
Blue Qiqi let Chu Feiyang lift it out,Sealed。
Lan Qi:“Mrs. Qin,I want to give Mr. Qin a surprise。”
Mrs. Qin is very excited.,Not stopplay like Lantao,Thank you,She also picked a picture of her favorite.,When paying,Lan Qiqi also did not charge her money,After all, it is an acquaintance.,Blue Qiqi is naturally not cared for this two paintings。
Some people stay,Good day after future。
Your parents and grandparents are business people,These door doors have been very proficient in learning。
Walk away Mrs. Qin,Time has been 11 o’clock。
Chu Feiyang has returned to Longcheng Villa with Blue Qiqi.。
Chu Feiyang thinks about working in the city for a while,Give the farm to Dad to care,He has a house in the city,Just make people packed up,Temporarily live in Longcheng Villa,Waiting for his apartment to pack it again.。
He can go home to live,I think that my mother is jealous.,He resolutely chose to live outside。
Han Yuxuan came to the company very early today.,He arrived,There is no one in the company.。
He pulls the curtain,Sunshine is shining,Warm shot,Also warmd his heart。
I woke up early,I think I can see Blue Qiqi in the company.,His heart is hot in time。
He gave himself a cup of coffee.,Put on the desk,Start processing other things。His entertainment company opened,It is a dream that my mother has always been.,In addition to this company,At home,He has a sales company with a small scale,These years,Business is also very good,Now, please have a professional person.
Reason,His everyday work is to look at the company’s progress and indicators.,No problem is everything going well.。
The clock pointing at 8:50,The branch of the branch has been dealt.。
“Come in。”Han Yuxuan sound as always。
Mu Wei pushes,Seeing Han Yuxuan just coming out of the desk.,People who see people are Mu Wei,He slightly stunned。
Muqi did not pay attention,Instead, she gave him more than three calls last night.,I can’t sleep in one night.,I will come over this morning.。
“Yuxuan,Where did you go last night??”She didn’t believe that he found a investor in that short time.。
Han Yuxuan looked at her:“Have something to do。”
Mu Wei sits on the couch,Look at him,“I yelled Yao last night.,I am going to talk.,Calling you, I have been can’t do it.。”
Han Yu Xuan’s eyelid,“Which Yao is always?”
Mu Wei:“Which Yao is still??Of course, it is an investment tycoon Yaohang in the entertainment circle.。”
Han Yuxuan smiled coldly:“The red flag in the family is not falling,Outside the colorful flag fluttering Yao?”His tone is sarcasm。
Mu Yu face has some red,This Yaohang has money,But it is very good。
She has a plan in her heart.,She is deeply thoughtful,Blue Qiqi,So beautiful woman,Yao Hang wants to be stunned,The benefits are their。
“Yuxuan,Let’s see him tonight.,Take the lady of Blue Qiqi,He will definitely promise。”
Han Yu Xuan is suddenly cold and shot to her,I seem to understand what she wants to do.,His whole man is angry。
“Bring what she goes?”His voice is angry and can’t be trembled.。
Getting angry looking at Mu Wei is terrible。
Mu Wei stunned,She felt the terrible of Han Yuxuan for the first time.,In his glamorous and terrible eyes,She opened Zhang,I can’t say a word.。
“Roll!Don’t let me say the second side,When I said the second time,You can bring your investment,Even you roll together。”