If you can marry you,It is re-entered a nail in the Zhou Country.,It can also let the Turkic people interfere in Zhou Country and the War of Qi State.,Find an excellent excuse。

Help son-in-law,This excuse is enough.。
As for the A Shi Nakou,Um,It is your uncle,Due to his tribe in Qizhou,Close to Qi。And now Qi State,Not he can take it casually,so,He will be very happy to help this busy。”
Be there,Convincing。Even if A Shirn is unwilling to believe,I have to admit it.,Gao Boyi is reasonable。If you really follow this arrangement,There is no reason to refuse the proposal of A Shinakou.。
certainly,Amina Yuz can be tough,but,Turkic interior,In fact, more than Han people must talk about reality.。Unused,Is no words。
Even if you really don’t marry Yu Yu,Don’t marry Zhou Guo,Waiting for yourself,Never a good day?。If you refuse the will of Khan, once again,So what will I become?,A Shi Nats don’t know。
“Even if so,Also don’t do it with you.?”
A Shi Naz。sound,It’s really a very miserable,but,all of these,The relationship with Gao Bao is not big,The miserable thing is that she is A Shizuz.。
“Relationship,Indeed, there is no big relationship.。But,You think about one thing?”
Gao Bao,Back to A Shizuz:“You haven’t thought about it,How did you fall to this situation??”
“Correct,Why do I want to sleep, you can sleep you?,Why is the wooden pole sweat? Who can marry you?,Why do you love you?,Have to make you in my hand,Ask for self-protection。
These,Have you ever thought??You really disappoint me.,I thought you should think of these things very early.。”
Hear these words,The inner devil is in screaming,Be ready to move。Amina Yuz really wants to cover your ears,Don’t listen to Gao Baoyi,However, she is proud of her self-study,Do not allow you to do this。
Although she has completely fallen,But she does not allow themselves to become weak!
“Because,I am very strong,I am a strong,And you are a weak。Compared with Yu,Yuxian is a weak,Compared with me,Yu Yu is also a weak。
Therefore, the weak must have a stronger,The strong can dominate the fate of the weak,This is the rule of the world.,No one can escape。you,I don’t want to find a chance.,Change your fate??”
do not want!do not want!do not want!do not want!do not want!
Amina Yuz is constantly shouting,However, the devil’s devil has awakened,Constantly whispered in her ear。
You don’t want to slaughter!
Don’t repeat the tragedy that happened!
You have to control your own destiny!
“Do you want,I help you one arm.?As long as you listen to me,Be a domestic orientation,future,I can make you live very well.。even,You can give birth to my childhood,I have not tasted it.,As long as you like。
certainly,You can not listen to me.,You can also standby。but,How much is it for yourself??
Correct,Still,A group of messy numbers in A Shiza。But it is undeniable that,Gao Boyi proposal,Very“Constructive”,Also very tempting。
One more way,Looks like a bad thing。If the country is destroyed in the future,So as the Queen of Zhou,You can also escape the disaster。
Achien is known from the details of your knowledge,Now Zhou Guo’s situation,Indeed。If there is a strong support,Perhaps you can not die。
but,It is also difficult to say very。Once the rescue is not timely,Then she can’t think about it.。
“I will give you a letter.,Equal to my commitment,Also as a voucher for communication。If it is Zhou Guo to be destroyed in the future,I will keep you no worries.。”
Gao Bi went to A Shizina,Kissing her white neck,Like the devil in her ear:“you,Do you want to?Unwanted,Then I will reply with A Shilu,Said that you don’t want to go back.。”
“want,I need to,Give me a quick!”
Amay Yuz is fascinated with an embarrassing expression,Passionate kisses Gao Bao’s lips。
The room soon passed out deep breath and depression。
New Year back to Beijing,It is the tradition of Zhou County,As long as it is the frontier,Border general,Neglighted back to Changan,Accept the emperor’s inquiry。
This tradition,In Yetai,It has been fixed.。Solitary correspondence is going back to Beijing,The result was not allowed to return to Changan by Yu Tales.,Ten years。
This year, Zhou Country ended the year,Implementing the policy of repairing the interest rate,Plus the livestock who came over with many Turk,Especially cultivated cattle,So it looks,Minsheng is very prosperous。
These things,Hui Xiaofei, who is returned to Beijing, looks in the eyes,After all, Changan City this year is slightly lively in previous years.。