“how about you?”Qing Palace,“and,After rescue Shaxia,You determine this fortress will have problems?”

“I am dragging the fire of the right.。”The upper strip stares on the Qing Palace,Unparalleled,“The fire of the right side is such a flying fortress built.,Never sit on us to act,As for the plug, can not have problems,We can only do this.,Is not it?”
“good。”The Qing Palace deeply looked at the appearance of the look in front of him.,“Don’t die.。”
“You too。”
With two teenagers pass,In a faint concern,The upper right hand is rubbed,Then I left in the opposite direction.,The Qing Palace advances in the direction of Bethlehem Star,The upper strip is looking to the largest building in the distance——A church of the dome。
“This fortress,It’s so fast.。”Huge http://www.dongejiao.cn architectural dome cast a shadow on the teenage face of the brunette hedgehog,The teenager’s scorpion is like a star,“I don’t know how long can you?”
“Right fire!”
Qing Dynasty skips a bump ground,Flashing on a square of the central,Looking at your right hand,Easy sigh。
“Don’t die.。”
Just a moment I just wrappled,The upper right hand wiped the right hand of the Qing Palace.,In an instant,The white flaming that has been boring is suddenly honest.,Like the gratitude,Rapid sling from the arm of the Qing Palace,Finally, it is a small fire,Quiet burning in the palm of the Qing Palace。
Fantasy killer does have different power,Under conscious control,White flame does not resist,certainly,This is also what the Qing Palace is currently expected.,after all,Strength,Currently, the Qing Palace can’t fully control,This is better。
But the Qing Palace is also clear,Now http://www.treterc.cn that your state is only temporary.,Fantasy killer is just a standard,If you don’t want to control this weird flame as soon as possible,So, one day, one day you will be burned by it.。
“After this, I will say this.。”The Qing Palace is dark and sighed.,Turned to the center of the square。
On this abrupt square,Quiet stands on top building in the original military base,Pocket,The Qing Palace actually returned to here.。
certainly,At this time, there is no look at any kind of military base.,The wreckage of countless religious buildings will wrap the whole base.,Let it look down on a grand temple,The touch of light is emitted from it.。
The Qing Palace took a deep breath.,Go to the entrance。
Ilishalina Independence。
The bed is relying on the bed in the room,Staying at the ceiling of the head,In his hand,Unconsciously playing a handle。
I don’t know when to,It has become a habit of playing firearms in your hands.,Since coming to this battlefield of this morning,Only the teammates behind the guns can trust。This is also the rules summed up on Binzhi.。
What are the guys doing??Can’t think about the past,Since a fewlevel5After leaving,The atmosphere in the base seems to be a bit dull,That common disk station is not right,Space system has not been out of the door for a long time.
Beravan?Women who have the dark circles have always have a way.?Perhaps you can think of a way to make the atmosphere.
anyway,Why is you so inexplicably wonderful by Mai Nany??Obviously, is it not suitable for what leader is not??
Sudden,A crazy explosion slammed in the pasta ear,Let the teenager jumped from the bed.,Open the gun in your hand,Directly rushed out。
This is Russian grenaders?!
NS682chapter leader
I heard the first time of the explosion,Binzhi jumped from the bed.,Directly rolled out the room,Don’t forget the insurance of the gun in your hands.。
So close to the sound of guns from the enemy,Let the spirit of the past are tense。
That girl named Yu Meiqin left before,Rare will give Liu’s leadership of the people in Illshalina.,In the past, wheaton, who is not pleasing to see, has repeatedly ourselves.,Be sure to take care of the way。
Although it is also used to use the atomic collapse to the chin threat.
The mind is thinking about chaos,The people in the past have already rushed out of the room.,Come to the outside。
One moment outside the house,He suddenly stunned,And unconsciously lift the head,Staying at the top of the top。
The sky top of the top head is shining with colored rays.,Fire of countless explosion is blown up in the sky,Every explosion is accompanied by a ray.,Cannot see a huge semi-circular barrier,Is it in the air?。Bneakfast also saw,Not far from all walks of life,There are also some people who want to be unknown.,And with their language,A colorful light is injected into the barrier into the top of the head.。