And some brain spiritual people think of it for the first time.,Since the ancient family,The other seven giants are not the same.?

Some rumors about the guardian swept throughout the capital in just a few hours.。
Cause no,Just because the guardian。
In other words,The other party must decide with the summer,That doesn’t mean summer……Fighting with a hoe?
One time,About the topic of the two between the people。
Not long,A more shocking news came out from the ancient family.。
Guyang……Be dead。
Be right。
He died。
And it is killed。
Kill him,Is a island name called Wu Zhai。
This news is like a deep water bomb, usually exploding in Beijing.。
All people who bombed all reacted。
How to die?
Not that the guardian is strong,Guardian,Shocking eight squares。
All major families have been shocked by this news.。
Feeling that they are like an ugly bouncing a beautiful wife.,It’s hard to wait until the cave,When the expectation value is the highest value,Suddenly,Mei Ruo Tianxian’s wife turned into a big man。
Too bad。
Not cool,But they still use the resources to try to listen to the dragon to the dragon。
Not long,Many seemingly rather than the message has been passed out.。
Hear,Quan Yang went to the home of the house last night.,At the back of the road, encountering sneak attack。
It is said that,He is attacked,That is, Wu Zhai is really killing within a very short time.。
Rumor,That Musashi is really like an old home,It seems to be associated with the summer。
Everyone has discovered the true and false of these messages.,Shocked,Can’t believe,It is very exaggerated in the past.。
And secretly seems to be deliberately guided and targeted。
That is……Ancient house and summer,It seems to be together with the island。
Guyang’s death,Of course make everyone shocked,But the capital is not flatted.,Darkness。
When this news is known in the summer,There are few more accidents。
Since the time I have seen it, I have seen it once.,The other party once said that I will find Guyang Ien.。
In fact, he did not go to your heart at the time.。
After all, here is Huaxia,Want to find a guardian’s trouble,What is so easy?。