Long Sun Yizhen’s little ghost patted the hair on the high,Just like shooting with a cat。

This is the deepest in the heart.。Other places she can let,This is absolutely can’t make!There is no compromise!
“Then what kind of clothes should I wear??”
“Still tangled clothes!You dressed in the clothes of nun,As long as you eat locusts, you will not lose people.!The more you eat aphid,Gao Bao is more happy,The more faces。This is nothing to do with you,Key to support!
Wife wants to support husband,Li Jia’s woman is estimated to dig your heart to my Master.,You can’t do this,In the eyes of the outside,Others will feel that you are extra!”
Chang Sun Wei did not say it.。
“Why do you know these??”
Gao Yu curiously asked。
“Although I only have one,But I am not only a woman.?Although I have not yet married my wife,Can you see what I am like?,Just know what is going on?。”
Yang Sun Wei means a deep look at high,That means saying:Don’t you know what kind of goods are you??
This is true that it makes a high priest。
“correct,This time I have to go together.。”
Chang Sun Wei has a kind,Gao Baoyi will not do anything a locust feast without no reason,He must have the purpose of not maribead。
“Why do you want to go??”
“In the future, I will be a woman who will marry the family sooner or later.,Don’t you explore the bottom now??After I went to the ugly girl,That’s more face.。”
Yang Sun Wei let the high-spirited each other, the smart http://www.tiansilang.cn child follows Gao Boyi seems to have a destroyed trend.。
Jinyang’s granary empty,Boiling people,It was also saved.。
Duan Yao looks at the empty policant official warehouse,A face smiles and looked at Tang Wei after the body:“This is just great,The last card in your hand is playing.,If it is the gods of the city,Don’t need them to attack the city,We will not fight.。”
certainly,This is just self-deprecating.。
The official warehouse is really no,But the granaries in the people in the family are still full.!Again,Even if you are hungry,How can you hungry??
“This is not the last card,Last card,Turk!
A Shi Naku head is a brother of the Khan Khan Shi That,His tribe has been working with us.。I believe that they will not refuse to change the proposal for food.。”
“If they refuse??”
“Then we sent people to http://www.leitapp.cn say,We are determined to invest in the city,I will never do business with them.,See who will be more urgent!”
A Shi Naki is just like the power in his hand.,Wooden pole sweats,He can replace it。So he has no reason to refuse Tang’s messenger.。
This is a very good understanding。after all,Turkic inside is not a piece of iron plate,Or,They have more internal tilting,The tribal system has naturally determined that the Turkicor is hard to condense all the strength.。
Otherwise they have long been rampant.。
“You have reasonable,only”
Duan Qi replied four weeks,I found out no one is nearby,So the low sound said in the Tang Yu:“The body is not very good recently.,to be exact,It is a day than one day.!”
The two exchanged eyes,It’s been cautious.,Nothing else。Soon they put out the official warehouse if they don’t have something wrong,Just like the scene has never happened.。
Town of Dunhuang Mingsha County,Turkic guides have visible everywhere,They don’t attack the city,Do not attack business travel,What else is doing?,Its arrogance can be seen。
Han Xiong looked at the eyebrows,Whispered:“The last time your judgment is right,The Turkish people were observed.。
The last batch of grain can also support more than ten days,Tens of thousands of people save,It’s enough for a month.。We can then wait。”