Tianjun finally reacted,Another surprise,Over the air。
All-sided eight-party,It is also all like Tianjun.。
Everyone is sturdy,Atmosphere does not dare to breathe。
Ms. Lin Xiao in the crowd,It is even more under this figure.,Such as 蝼蝼 ant-war war,Head does not dare to lift。
The scene is quiet to the extreme。
Confused summer and goflings,The face changed again。
The two people don’t want to meet the situation,I finally happened.!Can let these people call it……It is not a legendary holy king.?
Can think again,If it is the word of the Holy King,Why do they call them??
One time,The two are horrified and surprised。
It’s too powerful in front of you.。
In addition to the legendary holy king,What else http://www.zbxfgc.cn can’t think of?。
The gods in the black people,The filled terrorist breath is also unable to dissipate no trace.。
Summer and Gogjian feel a light。
“Get up。”
Black people’s voice,very light、Very light,It is not augmentive。
Ten Jun and around everyone,Qi Qi standing,But still low,Unlikely。
“You two,Run to my site,I still hurt my hand,Can you know??”
Black man does not pay attention to people around,Note to the summer and goflings。
Summer just want to open,Gobian first step,“senior,Our brothers have a hurry to hurry,Have to smuggle,I know the rules here.,As long as it is not a foreign worker and a magic,If it is a smuggled person being caught,Nothing is a penalty of some gods coins punish。”
Toned,Also,“But my brother, but the two people suffered from the Tianbing and the lace,Can’t help but,I don’t give us the opportunity to leave.,So we must not hurt people.……”“Is that right?”
Black man is faint,No fluctuations。
And this sentence is not to the Gogjian,But look at Tianjun,Have four people,Last sweep。
Han Feng in the crowd、Moid、Depressed、Lin Xiao four people all flicked and walked,Sound of the forehead。
Although the black people’s eyes are just a hurry,Can you http://www.sjfan.cn know that it is an illusion?,They all felt the meaning of the eyes.,It seems that it is easy to inside what they think。
Finish!Han Feng three people’s heartbeat,Face is cloudy,Fear。
Mysterious people receive attention,Reconstitution to Gogjian with summer,“in this case,But my people are not right.?”
Gogjian Zhang Zhang,I don’t know what to say.。
Summer is a heart。
I don’t know if it is an illusion.,Now that it is calm down,He found a feeling of familiarity for this black man.。
Where is it seen?!This appearance appears,Summer I am shocked,I feel a little absurd.。
“senior,Claimed,I have nothing to say,May be punished!”
The inch of the Gogjian is very good.,No excessive argument and wrong。
He is very clear,This major figure is best facing,Said more, it is a snake to add。
This situation in http://www.hrbdyt.cn front of you,I want this big person who will not hurt the killer.。