Hanjiang right eye leather jump,Is http://www.muyujob.cn it only such as Sepilia?,This Oto is too difficult to get wrapped.。

“How is the Walte Lezhi??”Han Jiang asked Otto。
“Oh?You said that the retrograction?”Otto looks back,“Not followed behind??”
really,Walt dragged the injured body flew from the distance。
“Solita is solved here,If she is perfect awakening,Great strength,Then we will then destroy the second law to spend more effort,Even can’t eliminate Xilin。”
Walter flew to Hanjiang’s side,Say:“I am dragging him.,You http://www.wanrongspace.cn two hands!”
Han Jiang and Qiana nodded,Two people fly to Xilin,Walt took the Eden Star,Start defending Otto。
Han Jiang Hi Qiana fly over one right,The trial-level Beibeilong systemifies the purple release huge current,Blocking two people from being close to。
“Be awkward!”
This sound,It is a sound that floats in Valter, Eden。
“What Eden Star,It turned out to be fake?,Reverse entropy……I didn’t imagine that atmosphere.。”Outo right in the right hand floating in the air,In the way:“First Alliance than reverse entropy,You,Not only a star half。”
Outo speaks,Give a punch on Walt belly again。
Two people landed at the same time,Walter is half-on,Put the ground with hands,The eyes are dead and stare at Otto。
Otto metiches to see Han Jiang and Qiana,I have an eye.,said laughingly:“I look at the toy,Not so easy is it bad?。”
“You have only half of your life.,That left half……Just let me send you away.!”
There are two daggers in Otto.,Going to the back of Valter。
A gun sound in the distance,Otto’s clown mask forehead is broken。
Outo is straight to the body,“Actually, I will help my hand.,Really troubled。”
Finish,Otto fly to the air,Tell close to Chiangana,A punch Zhong Qianna’s belly。
Qi Yana’s eyes have grown up,The painful voice appears from the throat,A face is incredible,Incredible look。
Qi Yana started free fall in the air,Han Jiang has arrived,The red dragonfly has a total of the body of Otto.。
Otto just lifted the arm,The 铮 红 红 红。
Han Jiang continues to force,Fire appears on the Red Mold,Put the past to Otto。
The eyes under the mask are unexpected.,Quickly retreat quickly。
Otto’s body is pure soul and various precious materials to create,Han Jiang’s full attack,It’s just a small wound in his arm.。
But still hurt Otto,Outo also collapsed a creative attitude,Start seriously。
I haven’t been able to make Hanjiang lose action capabilities before.,His mistake。
Since this is the Outo,The other side of Benalle has already taken the sky with Xilin.。
Han Jiang turned his head and didn’t pay attention,Thinking, let Qi Gi flooded over to die。
After again and Otto have paid a few punches,Han Jiang felt the power of Otto。
Otto,It is even more much more than the pressure of the face.。
I don’t know if I am in the spirituality of the illusion, I am sweetered by the feather.,Still because of the full simulation of Otto’s strength。
Needless to continue to be entangled here,Han Jiang took the initiative to lyto,I want the ground to fall.,Falling around Qi Yana。