“Why don’t you call Magic??”
no doubt,The two schools were driven away by Nan Ge.。
Day on the top。
The probability that everyone will change two tables.,Make it into a dinner table,Zhou Zhihe and 序 提 打 打 打 回 回,I have lunch.。
People have not recruited,It’s good for meals.。
A grilled fish;
A dry pot;
Two cold dishes;
Two small fried;
There are two big dishes and a pot soup。
Members of the neighborhoods from the canteen or just bought barbecue rice、Fast food such as chicken rows formed a stark contrast。
Six people sitting one cat,Qi Qi started。
The cuisine smell makes the new freshman swallowed。
Nan Ge is some,Side:“These little scorpions,I http://www.ofiber.cn still can’t afford our probability,I really thought that I added another community to go to the peak of life.?Still not daily in the bedroom!It’s better to follow us.,Eating well,How much!At least university graduation can grow white fat,is not it?”
“Follow。”Now I will disapperate her.。
“The girl should be recruited before。”Packet whisper,“Open a piece。”
“Give a lot of fish soup”
Zhou Zhi quickly gave her a small spoonful of fish soup,By the way, shaved a little fish with chopsticks,Also add her bowl,Stir, stir。
People have not recruited,At least eat well。
Just gather a meal
Chapter 375 Open
The buns have returned to the bedroom to stay in lunar.,Originally, Nan Ge is ready to rush back the two feet.,But they are addicted to the color of,Ning dying is not willing to go。
http://www.jiuzhouzhenye.cn Strong,As if form an invisible juncture,Few people still walk outside。But spring is always a strong ultraviolet, and the temperature is suitable.,As long as it is not straight,Will n’t feel hot。
There is a tent and a small tree next to a small tree,They don’t feel tormented。
It is a bit boring。
“In five。”
Zhou Yawager,They are bored to play the card。
This activity is naturally banned,So you can only sit behind the left,Looking at him。
At first she was still very spiritual,Will see the plan with Zhou,But this time is really drowsy,She also felt the sleepy,Put the Baba shovel on the back,Half-eyed,Not sound。