Northern Wei Dynasty,Buddhism is rooted in Guanzhong。Don’t say anything else,After all, it is not every temple to open the woman.。
But put the usury,What kind of real estate,Such a thing,Almost every temple is doing。
Even big temples,There is a soldier,Source, no laigue。Don’t check,As long as one check,Necessary more less can I find something。
Yu Wenzhao ordered the Beijing Zhaofu sent people to check out,I found a monk in the case of the case,Immediately,儆 especially
as predicted,This decree,It’s like pouring the boiling water in the oil pan.,It’s boiling instantly.
The 12 th sergeants of Beisun, the most diligent eagle dog,Specialized selection name is not,But it’s a lonely temple.。And the biggest temple in Chang’an,Yu Wenxia took a comfort attitude,Not causing how big vibrations。
That means very clear:I am here to help you clean up the portal.,rest assured,The knife will never cut it on your head.。
And Yang Jian did something,It is the fields of the temple in the side of the temple.,The customs of these fields are full“Huangtian”middle,Monk,Become a 佃 里,After the grain is over, it becomes a military food.。
In parallel with the central system。
Don’t know,As soon as this simple lesson, Changan Temple,Actually, it is more than 12 million people from the tiger’s mouth.
That’s more than 100,000,Not eight or nine hundred
At this time, the total population of Zhongzhong Region is only seven million people.,Just play more than a million people outside the household registration,You said that scary is not scary。
Not just Yu Wen,It is Yang Jian and it is also shocked.。More than ten thousand thousands of strong,Farming,Pull out to be a strong man
“Another temple,Your Majesty seems to have not heard it.。”Yang Jian sighed,There are fewer people in Guanzhong,I really don’t worry.。He also believes in Buddha,So the practice of Yu Wenzhen,Inner heart is very contradictory。
On the one hand, this is a good medicine of strong country.,on the other hand,Temple also has its role,It is very helpful for the grievances of the privilege.。
What is wrong?,Not a three words, say clearly。
“The midst of the country, these deaths and baldness don’t take the temple of Changan.,朕 朕 不 文”
Royal study,Yu Wen hate hate pat desk,The paid to Yang Jian is extremely angry。
“His Majesty,These things,Also want to slowly,No more。”
Yang Jian whispered。
Yu Wenzhao’s means is very cool,But the effect is good,It is indeed“Nothing to buy”。 Recently, the strength of the ban,The money required,They are from these temples。But really,These temples are indeed unrestrained,Don’t say that the monk is originally a big fugitive of a bunch of sisters.。
That means a big loan in one by one,It is destroying self-cultivated social environment,Destroy the results of the field,Harming the soldiers lost soldiers
Can you have to have the eye??
Gao Bo Yi has never been promulgated,It is said that he can’t look down on this emperor.,It is better to say that there is no confidence in the future of Zhouki.,This makes the heartseller Yuwen 邕 邕 in the throat。
Dialing is not enough,Yu Wenzhao wants to play,Safe the world,This is his ambition
Can you have a small temple?。
“Yang Jian,so,You drafted a lottery。Um,Advise,Unknown。To ban Buddha,First of all, I want to say Buddha http://www.jurenpx.cnand other,Such as Taoism,What is bad?。
After ten days, I opened the debate in the court.。All Dao Gao Yi can participate,Also welcome everyone to participate,no matter who,No matter how rich the poor is expensive。certainly,We also need to filter it。”