Of course,At present, there is a rich man in Hong Kong City.,But wherever the head is relatively large,Going to San Francisco or Los Angeles、New York, etc.,Will you choose to buy a house in Chinatown?,Directly choosted a white gathering high-end community,safer,Also more comfortable。

This is the case。
Chinatown is like a city,Outside people want to come in,People inside want to go out。
Aparthems,Chen Linzhi can’t feel http://www.jiangxilucha.cn before,I have already deeply experienced,As early as the prison, during the prison,I found that people will naturally follow the skin color.、Geographical。
In this San Francisco Chinatown,Let Chen Linzhi feel familiar and strange,Viewed cultural customs,In fact, things integration、Intersteration,In a very different life atmosphere with the past。
Three people eat drinking and chatting。
At this time, there is a hat and mask.,A tall man walking into。
He stood at the door.,look around,Hand in cotton clothes pocket,The path to Chen Linzhi and others come,
At the table,Sink:“You just released today?”
Chen Linzhi is in a minisure,Look up and look。
I saw this tall man who exposed a small half face.,I have no more words.,Pull out a pattern of ordinary small axes from your pocket!
Wanted to pick http://www.ykrtwl.cn up the table!
Chen Linzhi arm,Over there
NS4chapter No irreity
The other party suddenly shot,Almost no response time。
If it is the ordinary person growing in the greenhouse,Chen Linzhi is likely to be scared on the spot.。
However, today, different past days。
I have seen many disputes during the San Francisco County Prison.,Some people even killed,Many people can’t see hope in their lives.,This is like a snorkeling,More tips to break。
Because of the king of Wang,Chen Linzhi arrived at a few months ago,It’s so good to have a long time.,Three views also have a change in the earth,I know that the original life is not just a peaceful and。
He is seeing the one of the waves,Conditional reflex shrinking!
This ax is cut on the wooden table,Shocking a dish crash, a thorn sound,A good bowl of flat mushroom http://www.chousx.cn soup soup,Juice shake,Overflow bowl。
The surrounding diners see this,I have a scream,Attract more people to see it。
Good people come over to help?nonexistent。
Some people instantly get up and avoid,I am afraid that I accidentally spread it.。
But it is just a small running restaurant.,Great Chinese in this block,Who is not listening to a big rumor、Witness, killing, killing once again,Almost everyone,Have acquaintances in the community,I have already seen it early.。
Chen Linzhi’s old friend,After the horror of the moment,Rapida got up white wine bottle,I don’t want to go to this person.!
Ether party raise arms,Wine bottle is not smashed,Too cold clothes are thick,Just just spread the jacket cloth。
Chen Linzhi no thing,Decisive leg,Make up your strength,A feet!
The tall strange man is like it is pre-propied.,Use a cradle to stop。
Arms and legs,Instead, Chen Linzhi suffered a loss.,As if kicking the iron board,Instantly hot and spicy pain,The mouth is slightly touched。
Restaurant owner is not high,Wearing a white apron,Above“Eighth pitway”,Is a very famous liquor brand locally。
Don’t read the age of being fifty years old,The temper of the restaurant owner is still very storm,Don’t worry,Holding a big spoon,Come out and ask:
“Fight out!Don’t see who is the site,So more protection of white!?Dade of Zhu,You are all over!”
There are rules around the world。
For example, do business in this San Francisco Chinatown,Regular payment has already become a specified rule,Who can’t do it without a business?。