“Have!The sky is just no one today.!There is still one left.!”

Forestboard cabinet leads in front,Then stop at the door,Look at everyone。
“East,Yang Dazi…Want to tell him??He has always died at the Su family?!”
I don’t know when you are in the end.,It seems that I know that I have something to say.。
The woodwood cabinet is always the old brother.,I know that this is a unclear heart.,Have been there。
From Zhou Master, I knew that Su Jiaren was impossible.,He has always guilty。
But Su family has avoided,There is no chance to make up for http://www.isweethome.cnit.
“Don’t tell you first!Don’t scare people again.!”
Say,Zhou Master thinks that I can’t afford to kit.。
For yourself, I don’t hurt it.,I still have to lose my forgotten years.。
Zhou Master thought,After the two apprentice of Yang Qichen。Let him hide,Enjoy your old life,Don’t worry about these messy things.。
“Always have a chance!”
“That line!I am going to the kitchen called vegetables.!”
“Put a signature!”
“My son.!Still the same as a child,I like Niu Niu.!”
Niu Niu0,Xiao Zheng is too sticky with a small tail.,Filling yourself climbed a chair,The end is right。
Leave a couple in one person in the week.,See some lonely。
“Lian Niangpu is not!I think you have to go home with this sister.!”
“Really can?”
Little Zhengtai looks looking to the girl。
I don’t know if I am concerned.,Or is it more familiar with the Niu Niu?。Xiao Zheng is very lively。
“elder sister,Can I go home with you??Where is your home,Is it far?Do you want to take a long time carriage??”
Xiao Zheng too said a word,Mrs. Zhou felt that his heart was more painful.。
If you are not right?,Mrs. Zhou, I want to say that my son is married a wife forgetting the mother.。
Obviously, it took more than half a month when I was a child.,More than three years more than yourself。
I think of my son then baby’s root red head rope,The others don’t touch it.,Mrs. Zhou is more likely crying.
“My family has no big courtyard,It’s all squeezed a piece of life.http://www.3650597.cn !Can you live more more!There is no bed.!”
Niu Niu trying to say euphemism。
Kid!Don’t be too serious!
“I can live a study room.!I am often living in the study.!”
Xiao Zheng is too ashamed, this is refused.,A serious unveiled, the old bottom of the family。