There are other intentions in my heart.,Therefore, Gao Guifang thinks a lot of things.,The more you want to be afraid!The more I feel that I can’t drag it.!If dragged again,Goddess army Linyi City,At that time Gao Baojin entered the city,After supporting the high goal,It will be famous for the name.!

“Convinced,Gao Yuanhai!”
Just as Guantang intends to send people to Yucheng to find Gao Zhan business,Proceeded,Holding a letter in his hand。
“Please!After bringing him in,No one may enter this yard,do you know?”
Gao Gui Yan established“Headquarters”,Is a waste-free family,Basic fashion,Just before no one lived。
He repeatedly in his heart,What attitude should be used to face high yuan??
Guantan knows,In fact, Gao Zhan needs his help.,Because he doesn’t help,This time, Gao Zhan is dead.!And if you don’t help Gao Zhan,Risk is low,Higher ocean weakens his military power,Never kill him。
Just just a few decades,Gao Guo Yan wants to fight out,If you press now, you will be on the upper place.,That example can you turn to him?
Maybe I will never go to the peak.!
“Prince,Big event,Yucheng has been martial law,Can only enter。Gao Gong’s controlled,Our actions are very inconvenient,How should be good?”
So fast??
High-yuan sea disclosure,Gao Changqi doesn’t know,But look at each other’s look,It should be true,I can only say that this time the Yang Hao reaction is too fast.!
“How to say Chang Guang Wang?”
“Chang Guangwang said,He has a way to bring the generals into the city.。Ascending to win the city,It depends on the book of General。The second king also raised thousands of slaves outside the city.,I can help the generals at the time.。”
NS720chapter Opening operation is like a tiger(superior)
Has arrived at the poor,If no noction,Basically, no need to act again.,An An quiet waiting for the result。
However, if you have already died of high oceans.,Gao Bi has supported a high-rise,Then the reactor,I will not regret the intestines at that time.?
Life for decades,Look very long,But key pace,It is often only only a few steps.。
Take a step,Too big risk。
Don’t go,Missing opportunity,Even possible by the autumn。
I can’t go in the end.?
One time,Gao Guoyan is indebted,But I know that I can’t delay anymore.。
“Prince,You are not the fight。Changguangwang will work with you to open the east gate of Zhannan City,Bad military enter into the city。Just control,Everything is good。”
High yuan Hai is anxious.!So simple things,I’m going to this step.,Do one,Where is anything to hesitate?。
All of you do now,Taking the style of Gao Bao’s weekdays,If he is,Will you not clear you??
High-yuan sea feels high Gui Yan, they are really a pig’s head.,I still want to retreat from the matter.。
“So good,Tonight,You are responsible for opening the East Gate of Nancheng!Guide my army into the city,other things,Don’t have you worry!”
“Such very well,Wang Ye’s carrier here!Tonight,Be sure to go on time,Only one chance to open the door。”
The high-yuan sea will hand in the hand of Yantheng Yumi to Gao Gui Yan.,Argade。
And the high return of the transaction,It is like more than 100 batches in bed with several sisters.,Headfromone,Sitting on a chair。
“Oh my god,What am I doing?!”
Sell the soul to the devil,Leave a burst of empty deficiency。Gao Guo Yan touched his long-cutting,The pair of triangles flashed in the eyes!
Ha ha,Gao Zhan is very good,Support him as an emperor,He can’t do anything.,Let others errands,What?
Gao Guo Yan wants to be very simple,Now let Gao Zhan cooperate with themselves,After waiting for the city,It is not necessarily the same as before.。
The knife holder is on the neck,If he doesn’t believe in Gao Zhan, what kind of pattern can you still play?。
Gao Chang Gong took a circle in Zhannan City.,The feeling is very serious.。
In addition to selling rice noodles,Other stores on the street are closed.。
Many people leaving the city,At night,Maybe you can’t get it.!
Many Quan Qi’s family has organized,Tour the stick in the nearby street。As for what news they have heard,unknown。
Anyway,Almost everyone does not look at the security situation of Yucheng,Think about various ways。