Wax: Special writing medium

Lei said that reading is a scholarous duty, but ancient Greece, ancient Rome scholars do not study in many cases.

Not only that, in most cases, it is not made, and the dictation is written by a dedicated secretary.

Ancient Greek, the ancient Rome has long been using Egyptian sediments for writing materials, and the price is relatively expensive.

After the slaves were modified on the wax, they were written to enter the grass paper rolls, so that they were formulated.

Here, there is a special writing medium – wax plate.

Wax board is a general writing medium in the surrounding area of ??the Mediterranean, which is very long.

What kind of nation is invented, it is difficult to adopt.

Egypt, two river basins, ancient Greece, ancient Rome has been used for a long time.

These wax sizes are basically like a large 16 open book, and there is only two wooden boards, known as double-linking boards. The Greek pottery painting of the German Berlin Museum has a scene depicting the use of double-linking board. Don’t think that ancient Greeks have begun to use laptops, it is a wax, is a secretary. According to the British Publishing History Research Expert, Keith Houston’s view in the "Book of the Book", the earliest wax board has found the remains of the 14th century BC. In 1982, the wax plate was found in the huge pottery in the Turkey near the coast of Ulu Baron.

The wax plate is generally composed of four or five wooden boards, and the groove is excavated on the wooden board, and only a narrow side is left around, it is raised. The wax solution is then filled, and it can be written on the wax surface. The first wooden board and the last piece of wood are only in the internal test drum, the bottom and cover are not drunk.

Some multi-page wax boards, the number of boards exceeds six or seven, can write more than ten pages.

The wooden board is connected to a hinge or hinged page between a long side, or perforated on one side, a leather strip or a rope, can be freely formed.

One wax plate has also been found, produced by 15 thin elephants, and covers, cover the bottom panel, and the intermediate metal hinge connection.

In addition to the panel, the bottom plate is available for writing.

Many wax boards were also found in Pompeii, Italy, and many wax’s writing was still very clear.

Once the finalization is confirmed, it is necessary to write on the Salt paper scroll, the text on the wax board is useless, then heating it, the wax surface is returned to flat, and it can be used repeatedly.

Wax board is actually a draft book today.

However, our draft cannot be written again once.

Of course, some people pass the letter through the wax, and no longer write to the roll of the shacks.

The famous speeches of the ancient Roman time often use wax board to write a letter, some friends do not apply the original letter, but write the content of the reply next to the original letter, then send the wax to send people Send back.

The ancient Roman historian Herodo has taught a story, there is an exiled Spartus to Persian travel, get the news of the Persian King Xue Xis to attack Greece, feeling critical But it is also afraid to write directly on the wax plate to discover by the Persian soldier.

As a result, he fell out of the wax on the wax plate and wrote the intelligence on the wooden board of the wax groove, and then then the wax was then filled. Wax on the wax is generally black or other thick color, after the wax, the text of the wooden board can be seen. The Spartan Cancer, who received a wax on the handwriting, unknown, unknown, but Sparta Queen Gorgo finally found the mystery.

However, there is a very long-lasting wax board around the Mediterranean, it seems that there is no introduction to China.

China mainly uses bamboo slip before the Han Dynasty, and the Han Dynasty began to use paper.

In short, when you move the world, we seem very strange things today, it is very common in a certain period in history.

In the history of publishing, there are many things in history, and when we trace this history, we need to be alert, need to carefully study the social customs and habits of the time.