The Ministry of Public Advanced Party will force everyone to wear "green masks" netizens: Sure enough is the tower green class

The Democratic Ently, "referendum" Miai Chei Chi, on the evening of the 17th, in the middle of the city, the venue stipulates that all entrants must be transferred to the organizer to distribute the green mask, including interview media, The entrance controller checks the green mask one by one, and the people must be released on the spot.

The news is a hot discussion, and the netizen satirically "Sure enough is the tower green class".

Ta media "Time News Network" reporter is directly hit and reported, and the DPP has only held 2 games in Miaoli County. The first note will be on the 17th, in the middle of the city. Hold, the second ground is held in Zhunan Town on November 27. In the 17th, the DPP includes the Ministry of Democratic Party, the "Tang Yan" of the Democratic Party, the "Tree Committee" Du Wenqing, the Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, Li Guifu, the front of the city, Xu Dingyu, etc., Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan The person in charge of the administrative agency Su Shichang is a pressure axis. Reporting, this illustration is only open at the entrance, and the staff will issue a green mask at the entrance. After the possession of the mask, they will directly and the people will immediately replace the green mask. Many people have their own masks, on the spot You can only match the original mask, replace the green mouth and enter the field, and 2 people will be responsible for body temperature and spray alcohol, and pay attention to whether there is no change to the green mask, keep reminding and requires implementation of the green mask.

The entry must be changed to the green mask, including interview media, there is a media questioning the provisions of the organizer too much, the staff only indicates that the green mask does not enter the venue, can only stay in the venue. When the news, the netizen poured into the relevant news link. The message was released. One is always for all "," pulling, there is enough "," green horror "," said a joke … democratic progress party. " Article Source: Mid time news network responsibility Editor: Zuo Qiuzi.