Snowy is a little bites?Learn about the winter "health meal"

Original title: Snowy is so angry?Learn about the winter "health meal" yesterday is the snowy throttle, it is the third throttle in the winter, marking the official start of the Mid-Winter Festival.People often say "Ruixue Zhaofeng Year", Yan Dong snow covers the land, can be supplied to the needs of spring growth, while the body’s body is also the same as nature, it needs to be reduced to the spring.Due to the size of the interior and outer temperature difference, it is also the high time of disease.Therefore, how to eat can prevent disease and health care, health and rush, this is not small.A preventing diseases such as eating less oil, drinking, drinking water, hot, dry, eating lotus root, snow, weather, cold, easy to induce cardiovascular and migraine.Chen Xiaotong, director of the rehabilitation department of Shenyang Anorectal Hospital, introduced that heavy snowy disease prevention should be based on enhanced resistance, to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, first in diet to do nutrient balance, less oil, less alcohol, do not smokeAnd moderate motion.

Especially middle-aged and elderly people must avoid overwork and night defecation. At the same time, monitor its own blood pressure, do not blame or stop the cardiovascular and blood pressure. At the same time, people are strong in winter appetite, and the burden of stomach and duodenum is aggravated, plus cold air irritation, which is easy to "injure".

Therefore, experts suggest that heavy snowy diet should be based on sweet and warm, eat more foods rich in sugar, fat, protein and vitamin, to supplement the energy consumed due to the cold, good gas blood, nourish the body, avoid gastrointestinal disease. Big snow is a good time of tonicity, and there is a statement of "winter tonic, opening spring,".

However, it should avoid blindness to "make up", although the food supplementation, the medicine is supposed to be in the category of health, but it will affect health.

In addition, people who are easily skin itching in winter must drink more water, usually more than 5-7 cups per day, a cup of about 300 ml.

Due to the dry weather in winter, the diet is overmotherly caused by hot and hot, you can eat some heat-moisturizing lotus roots.

Lotus root and kidney soup, can improve sleep quality; with ribs, soup, can spleen and appetize, and make up the temptation and health of the spleen and stomach. B Health Calls this to eat early morning, Chenpi water, drink in the morning, "porridge", big snow season, everything hidden, comply with natural laws, and the rest of the body should also work hard. Professor Zhang Yan, director of the Director of the Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded that the winter weather is cold, the outside is to keep warm, the inner food supplement, the winter will improve the immune function of the human body, promote the metabolism, so that the human body is afraid of cold, and the phenomenon improved, Adjusts material metabolism in the body. At this time, it is advisable to subsidize the yang, kidney and strong bones, and nourish the yin.

Winter food supplements should be selected from protein, vitamin, and easy-to-digestive food. For example, it is suitable for eating lamb, and the mutton can warm, and the qi is supplemented.

Warm up the body in time when the snow is soaked, and there is a particularly important role in enhancing your body.

At the same time, winter is easy to make people ‘s body and mind, it is recommended to drink with acacia, tangerine, Buddha, rose in the morning, drink a cup daily, can play the role of Yan Yu. It is also suitable for "porridge" in the winter, and the diet should be hard and cold. You can drink a bowl of hot porridge every day. Dinner is good, don’t eat it, don’t eat stomach.

C nourish the cold, such as eating lamb stewed radish, less health recipes, the snow is clear, and there is more important to increase heat in cold winter.

China People’s Liberation Army North Avenue Air Force Hospital Medical Nutrition Nutritionist Zhou Jingjing introduced that in winter, the right amount of nourishing food is selected, which not only raises the stomach and stomach, resists cold, and has a lot of effect on cold and cold.

Zhou Jingjing recommended several nourishing foods suitable for winter consumption.

The first is the brain dish, its vitamin C content is a time tomato, the content of calcium is 2 times that of cucumber, which can promote human material metabolism, which is very beneficial to children’s growth and development, and can enhance my body anti-cancer ability. The second is a taro, it is suitable for spleen and stomach, soft texture, easy to digest, especially suitable spleen and stomach weakness, patients with intestinal disease, tuberculosis and place of recovery period, is an edible product for infants and elderly. The third is radish, it can hysterestrial, phlegm, the role of conditioning spleen and stomach, so there is "Autumn Radish Season", for the common digestion of winter, wind-saving cold, tonsillitis, cough Diseases such as breathing, throat pain, etc. also have auxiliary therapeutic effect.

The fourth is sweet potato, with complement deficiency, benefit, spleen and stomach, strong kidney yin, and stomach, warm stomach, beneficial lung and other effects.

In addition to the above-mentioned foods, Zhou Jingjing also introduced several practical winter nourishing royal cold "health meals" recipe: 1. Mutton stewed radish: It is an indispensable food in winter, not only can meet people’s stomeware, There is also a good treatment effect on the waist and knees, fatigue, and kidney deficiency, and spleen and stomach.

2. Guiyuan stewed: Guiyuan is a dried fruit that everyone often eats. It not only nourishes yin and raises blood, I would rather peace, the blood is blind, and the memory is more helpful.

3. Black sesame porridge: Black sesame is not only the role of U.S. 4. Wooden Mountain Pharmaceutical ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Adsorption, excretion, and serve the effect of cleaning gastrointestinal detoxification. D Health Dumplings This is not a lot of nutritious, and the cold winter is a very common food in the cold winter. It is a dumpling.

Every household eats dumplings, but how can you eat healthier in winter? Lu Jinxin, the first hospital of China Medical University, is introduced that from the beginning of the surface, the vegetable juice and face can be used, and spinach, rape, carrot or tomatoes can make colorful dumplings, not only nutrition. Rich, and colorful, enhance appetite. Lu Jinxin reminded that when dumpling filling, vegetable juice should not discard.

Most vegetables are minced, and it is easy to leak after adding salt. Everyone is used to crushing out the water in the vegetables. It is equal to putting the nutrients.

Vegetable soluble nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B2, folic acid, flavonoids, potassium, etc., in the vegetable juice, in order to avoid loss of nutrients, after cutting with salt, use salt mixed meat To absorb the water, you can also use the appropriate amount of cuisine to put the chopped vegetables such as cabbage and mix well, stir with the tensile meat.

Finally, pay attention to the number of dumplings, 500-600 kcal calories, according to each meal, the dumplings in the house are around 20 grams, the meat stuffing is about 11-14, and the vegetarian filling can eat 15- 18 pcs. (Editor: Filial Piety, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.