The kind driver’s rain will support the fall of the old man, saying that it is a small thing that can be

Chengdu Civilization Office, Chengdu Volunteer Network (APP) sent Mr. Gao, sent Tianfu Limited Edition "ordinary good card".Chengdu Volunteer Net convacted to the map, the good driver in this video is called high Yuanfu, 40 years old, is the boss of a restaurant in Dujiangyan City.Mr. Gao said that for this matter, at first he didn’t put it in his heart. When I saw my friends in the afternoon, I knew that my move triggered online.

"The two elderly were accidentally fell in a puddle, and I didn’t think too much after I saw it." Mr. Gao recalls, the two old people falling, agedThere are more than 90 years old and another is more than 70 years old.After asking the old people, Mr. Gao sent two elderly people to the universities of the communities they live, and then turned to the school to go to the daughter.