Wuging upgrade river long system continues to improve the ecological environment

  Wuging County is located in the northwestern, water area of ??308 square kilometers, and there is a size river 107. Since 2016, the county has built the "upgraded version" of the county. It is seven points to the water, and the water quality of the river is strictly tested three. The township card is a class I waters, and the county has been awarded the most beautiful county in Shenzhen Wenbo for four consecutive years.

  A few years ago, there were more than 300 library bays in the West Sea (Wunning Section), more than 20,000 cages, not only hindered the river, but also contaminated the water. On the basis of demolition all the wins and cages, the county introduced large-scale state-owned enterprises in 2016, and the overall management of large water is implemented. At the same time, the sewage of the county city is directly discharged into the river. It is strongly implemented rain-saving diversion and intercepting tube management project, and the urban sewage pipe network is built. The sewage pipe network is kilometers in the park; Building 188 facilities in rural sewage treatment terminals. In 2018, the county explored the "ecological management system", built 800 ecological management team to ensure that there is a human tube, have money pipes, and well. In recent years, Wuging County has relying on "three ecologies" "three demonstrations", high starting point, high standards, high quality to create the most beautiful river coastline, the most beautiful West Sea ecotry circle.

  The county integrates the integration of the shared sharing into the most beautiful shoreline management, building, tube, running the management mechanism of the three-level river length + ecotub, and promotes "Qinghe Action", the River Lake clear "four chaos "Renovation action, promote environmental remediation of coastal waters, organically combined with new rural construction, comprehensive environmental rectification, etc., ensuring that the coastal ecological environment and the housing environment have greatly improved. The county is centered on the county of the river, which has been invested by 100 million yuan. It is divided into three phases of "Wuging’s Window" landscape belt, and the landscapeline is used to carry out ecological restoration, landscape layout and leisure block construction.

At the beginning of 2019, a "most beautiful small city" city portal scenery of 16 kilometers long, space level, distinctive landscape characteristics, perfect leisure function, inlaid in the shore of the river. (Li Bihua) (Editor: Rona, Mao Siyuan) Sharing let more people see.