Protection of cultural heritage and tradition (on behalf of sound)

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the recent inspection tour in Hebei Chengde stressed the need to protect the heritage make good use of Chinese traditional culture, to explore its rich content, in order to facilitate better firm cultural self-confidence, the spirit of national cohesion.

How cultural heritage protection and heritage, highlighting the Chinese traditional culture? The reporter interviewed four representatives of the National People’s Congress. – Editor’s National People’s Congress, Anhui Suzhou Party Secretary Yang Jun: history, culture and age to be a valuable resource for the organic integration of cultural heritage is non-renewable and irreplaceable development.

Guard heritage historical context, leaving a permanent historical memory, is a new process of urbanization of a "must answer", must deal with the relationship between past and present correct, find out the real situation, classification protection, activation use, inheritance and development. In recent years, we carry out the census the city’s historical and cultural heritage and domain resource assets, the introduction of "Suzhou City Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Regulations", so that cultural heritage protection rules to follow, according to the law, to achieve the historical and cultural protection and modern the organic integration of production and life, complement each other. Grasp the historical and cultural protection, we should adhere to the census first.

System combing historical sites, cultural monuments, the red resources, non-heritage projects, so clear base, bright family property, to establish a "living archive" for the protection of cultural heritage. We should focus on the planning guide.

Strengthen the system of historical and cultural heritage planning three-dimensional space, the overall style, context Geng continued, so that the historical and cultural development of the times and interacting with each other, to preserve memories, nostalgia remember. We should highlight the use of activation. Insist on the protection of priority, in the use of protection, protection and utilization, and actively explore new style "cultural heritage + tourism, cultural and creative, rural revitalization" and other activated using innovative models, strengthen all-round promotion, cultural heritage make new vitality, bloom . (Interview by our reporter Han Junjie) National People’s Congress, Zhou Shuying Hebei Yuxian paper-cut art curator Zhou Shuying: speed up the training of cultural heritage shortage of talent as national intangible cultural heritage, I deeply feel the importance of personnel training. We should demand and supply of cultural heritage protection and heritage areas of personnel training full investigation, find out the current industry talent "real situation", enhance training for the shortage of talent.

To be good at research, personnel training to grasp the law, innovative training and the strengthening of joint training between universities and improve student interest in learning and professionalism. In addition, to strengthen disciplines such as archeology, cultural heritage excavated improve, protect and pass ability.

To continue to enhance interdisciplinary and integration capabilities, should work together with economic, legal, cultural, social, medical researchers and other fields, do research explaining the work of archaeological finds and sites. To explore the boundaries break the existing curriculum system, establish a complete training from undergraduate to graduate interdisciplinary talent new model, designed by the depth of integration of high-quality interdisciplinary courses, to broaden the horizons of students in science and the humanities blend, innovative thinking and enhance research and analysis capability.

By constantly improving archeology disciplinary system, academic system, discourse system, comprehensive enhance the influence of Chinese Archeology in the international archaeological community, the right to speak.

(Interview by our reporter Shi Ziqiang) National People’s Congress, Dalian Foreign Languages ??University President Liu: Let the cultural heritage "live" Currently, more than a static display of cultural heritage-based, lacking interaction with the audience. Let cultural heritage "live", to make the fine traditional culture into the real life, return to society, serve the people. We should use in the protection of heritage in utilization.

To adhere to the conservation priority, the principle of combining warranty, in-depth study of the value of cultural relics, the collection of cultural heritage protection, research, exhibition, education and other functional integration.

Through the implementation of "Heritage +", the combination of heritage and education, and marriage of science and technology, and creative exchange, the wisdom of museum construction, mining connotation behind the cultural heritage, well-designed and developed a variety of cultural and creative products, loved by the masses of the creation of cultural programs, cultural and creative industries to develop better, let the audience feel more profound and traditional culture.

We should encourage social forces to participate in, Take Measures to build a platform to support more cultural institutes and market players, and actively carry forward the fine traditional culture to develop products to meet the diverse needs of the community. Should adopt new technologies such as VR, let the audience from the visual, auditory, tactile feel multi-dimensional knowledge and cultural heritage of the mysteries hidden, so that further revitalized cultural heritage, making it a showcase platform for carrying the national memory.

(Interview with this reporter Liu super finishing) National People’s Congress, southwest Sichuan Normal University, cultural heritage and artistic creativity research team leader Caiguang Jie: to strengthen the traditional cultural education of young adolescents should the Chinese culture and Chinese civilization come from, where to go, there are clear and correct understanding. In-depth study history, you can make young people aware of their cultural genes and cultural attributes, so that young people understand the laws of historical development, discernment cardinal insight into the achievements of civilization and national intelligence, to enhance cultural self-confidence, consciously heritage to carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, innovation and development Chinese civilization. Strengthening the archaeological and historical research results dissemination is an effective way to make young people understand history. Especially through the Historical Museum presents archaeological achievements, combined with modern digital virtual technology, arts scene, audio-visual arts scene to restore historical truth, combined with effective interpretation of the results of historical research, the audience ground, feel the history across time and space, it is easier to enhance cultural identity and national belonging.

In addition, young people, traveling and experiencing intangible cultural heritage can be set up in the moment and the history of direct contact, ancient and modern dialogue, think about the future.

Teenagers should be encouraged through field experience, enhance understanding and recognition of Chinese traditional culture. (Interview by our reporter Wang Mingfeng) "People’s Daily" (18th edition September 2, 2021) (Editor: Guan Fei, Li wide) share to allow more people to see.