The Bank of China proposes a new regulatory conflict of bank insurance agencies

Original title: The Bank of China plans to go to the new regulatory bank insurance institution’s major shareholder, according to the website of the Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission, in order to improve the management of bank insurance institutions, strengthen shareholder equity supervision, effectively prevent financial risks, the SPC regulatory Commission has formulated "Bank Insurance Ordinary Shareholders Behavioral Regulatory Measures (Trial) "(Draft for Comment, hereinafter referred to as" Measures "). A few days ago, I disclosed opinions to the society.

"Measures" as a regulatory regulatory regulatory regulatory regulatory regulatory regulatory regulatory, including the eight chapters, including the general rules, shares, governance behavior, trading behavior, responsibility obligations, bank insurance agencies duties, supervision and management, and managing.

"Measures" adhere to the problem-oriented, fully absorbing the integration of existing regulatory requirements, paying attention to the good practice of good practices at home and abroad, and proposes specific requirements for the relevant behaviors of the major shareholders. First, strictly regulate the constraints of major shareholder behavior, clearly prohibit the normal operation of the major shareholders from intervene, using the name of the licensee, entrust others or accept others to participate in the shareholders’ meeting, and the equity is the debt of the non-parliamentary party. Wait. The second is to further strengthen the obligation of large shareholders, and ask the major shareholders to take the initiative to learn about regulatory regulations and policies, cooperate with the dynamic management of related party transactions, and formulate internal work procedures, support capital insurance, and the risk of bank insurance institutions is reduced or not cash dividends. Wait. The third is the regulatory standard of the unified bank insurance institution, and the shareholders who have clear the proportion of equity pledge must not exercise voting rights, prohibiting bank insurance institutions from purchasing large shareholders’ non-public issuance bonds or provides guarantees for them, and directly or indirectly with major shareholders. Shares. The fourth is the main responsibility of the computing bank insurance institution. The "Measures" refine the equity management requirements and processes, requiring bank insurance agencies to develop large shareholders ‘rights obligations list and negative behavior list, regularly verify the shareholders’ information, carry out major shareholders Assess and notification to all shareholders, the major shareholders who have lost their shareholders’ rights to bank insurance agencies must be compensated according to law and actively maintain their rights.

Next, the Bank of China will have a wide range of suggestions, and further modify the "Measures" and issue implementation in time. (Editor: Musheng Yu, Xu before).