Guangxi conducts the implementation of fiber-to-house national standards

  In order to further promote the implementation of fiber-optic home national standards, we will in depth, in-depth construction of house construction communication facilities, consolidate Gigabit NGW foundation, recently, Guangxi Communications Administration is arranged in the entire district to carry out the implementation of fiber optic home national standards.

  This examination is in depth in the city, the new residential community in the county. It is formally checking whether the house construction unit construction related supporting facilities, the establishment of the communication pipeline, public network gloss well, etc. According to the relevant person in charge of the Guangxi Communications Administration, according to the national standard of fiber, the housing construction unit shall, the communication supporting facilities and civil engineering will be unified, design, synchronize construction, and acceptance.

After the completion of the housing communication project, the supervisory authorities organized by the communications department, and the acceptance is unqualified will not access the public telecommunications network.

At the same time, it is also reminded that the majority of house owners should check if the house is reached to the property, and the broadband network cannot be installed after check in. In recent years, the Guangxi Information and Communications Industry has continued to force, and take measures to promote the "Double Gigabit" Network Construction.

As of July 2021, the entire district of telecommunications enterprises fixed Internet broadband access users of 17.72 million, of which 1000Mbps or more access rate fixed Internet broadband access users reached 2.46 million, accounting for the proportion of the total number of broadband users, accounting for proportion Raising the country first. Fiber-to-households are an important basis for the development of Gigabit users. If the fiber is not enabled, the access rate of broadband users cannot be enhanced, and the masses cannot enjoy the dividend brought by digital economy. According to requirements, fiber-to-house national standards and house water, electricity, and air facilities have enjoyed the same "treatment", which has become a family standard. (Reporter / Luo Wanli correspondent / Zhang Ming) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Chen Lu) Share let more people see.