Guangxi promotes the innovation and development of Chinese medicine Zhuang Yao medicine inheritance and accelerates "going out"

On December 13, Guangxi promoted the development of traditional Chinese medicine Zhuang Yao medicine inheritance and development press conference. Yang Zhixiong came to the article, Guangxi promoted the formation of multi-level multi-channel exchange cooperation platforms through the construction of China-ASEAN Traditional Medicine Exchange Cooperation Central, etc. Guangxi successfully held the 6th China-ASEAN Traditional Medicine Forum, 2021 China-ASEAN Traditional Medicine Health Tourism International Forum (Bama Forum), enhancing China’s traditional pharmaceutical and tourism cooperation between China Meng.

  In terms of medicinal plant protection, Guangxi has signed relevant agreements with 36 national institutions such as Laos and Philippines to jointly promote biodiversity protection of medicinal resources and jointly carry out a medicinal plant resource census.

Guangxi Pharmaceutical Botanical Garden and Laos 7 provinces conducted a pharmaceutical plant resource survey, jointly prepared the "Laos Pharmaceutical Plant" "Lao Medicinal Plant", "Lao Medicinal Plant Formation", building Lao Medical Botanical Garden to assist ASEAN countries to carry out tradition The construction of herbs and the construction of production demonstration promotion bases, jointly promoting the protection and sustainable use of medicinal resources. Guangxi organizes the training of national traditional pharmaceutical personnel along the ASEAN countries and "all the way" along the ASEAN countries and "all the way". Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, established a joint laboratory or research center in the "One Belt All Road", focusing on the common cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, malignant tumors, medlar anemia, elderly diseases in Guangxi and ASEAN Take the research, sharing traditional medical research results.

  In addition, Guangxi actively promotes overseas spread of traditional Chinese medicine. Guangxi International Zhuang Medical Hospital sets Chinese medicine department in Cambodia, Laos, and Singapore, Philippines, Thai Hospital and other signing agreements, establish China-ASEAN national medicine remote medical pilot platform, for local The people provide high quality Chinese medicine treatment services. In the anti-crown pneumonia epidemic, Guangxi selection Chinese medicine experts participated in China to the Cambodian immunity medical expert group and China aid Coke Moosta short-term anti-vulcination medical team, helping Cambodia, the two countries fight the epidemic, providing "China Experience" for the International Epatosis .