Chengdu High-tech Zone 2020 business environment 18 released 110 indicators to make companies more "feel"

Chengdu High-tech Zone launched Southwest AI Intelligent Self-Service Integrated Window (Chengdu High-tech Community Office for Map) In January this year, "Chengdu further optimized the enhancement of the International Craft Business Plan" is introduced, marking the official opening of Chengdu officially opened Business environment construction. The reporter learned that "Chengdu High-tech Zone deepened" venting service "reform optimization business environment work program (2020-2021)" (hereinafter referred to as "action plan") in recent days, further clarifying high-tech as the main position of the Chengdu industry District Business Edition "Combat".

From the upgrade, it also means that reforms are greater, and the degree is deeper on the basis of existing results. In Chengdu City’s new year’s new year work tone, how does Chengdu High-tech Zone will "further" in the optimization of business environment and help economic high quality? It is understood that the "Action Plan" issued by the Chengdu High-tech Zone refers to the World Bank, the National Development and Reform Commission and Chengdu related indicators and assessment reports, and widely responding to the latest initiatives of urban business environment in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, around 18 The main field refinement launches 110 specific initiatives and indicator test points, and promotes deep water under the new round of business environment reforms. Deepening the "venting service" reform extension approval function to the key base of the park enterprise service station, is a key step in deepening the "venting service" reform, and is also an important part of the "Action Plan" of Chengdu High-tech Zone. According to reports, the first part of the "Action Plan" body, in terms of focusing on government affairs services, commercial systems, engineering construction, rule of law, taxation services, and has developed 38 specific indicators and optimization measures, which is intended to achieve key links and difficulties. A new breakthrough in the problem.

In December last year, Shaosha River Street, gathered more than 3,700 high-tech enterprises, the first street enterprise service work station in Chengdu High-tech Zone announced its establishment, aiming to provide information on policy consulting, pilot declaration, appeal application, etc. On this basis, the "action plan" further clearly strengthens the high-frequency service of the grassroots government service system, industry and commerce, taxation, social security, etc.

In the "one window" parallel approval reform of the engineering construction project, the "Action Plan" is proposed, further streamlined the construction license to 6 links, compression set land planning licensing and completion acceptance links, implementation of construction projects, construction license The application and distribution, realizing the approval supervision "hand palm", certificate printing "autonomy"; implementing social investment projects for approval "one-stop" full process service.

Since the 2018 National Engineering Construction Project Approval System Reform Today, the approval time limit of the project construction project in Chengdu High-tech Zone is mainly reduced from 180 days to 60 days, and the reform has always been in the statement of the State Council and Chengdu. Nowadays, under the Guide of Action Program, Chengdu High-tech Zone continues to advance toward the high-level goal first.

"In 2019, we have made good results through the ‘venting service’ and business environment reform.

However, the business environment is not the best, only better, under the goal of accelerating the national high-quality development demonstration zone and the world’s first-class high-tech park, we know that the reform has a great progress space. "The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu High-tech Zone Network Government Office said. Focusing on enterprises involved in enterprises, a window of the National Development and Reform Commission, the deputy secretary-general of the National Development and Reform Commission, said he said. The Development and Reform Commission will combine the "venting service" reform with the relevant departments, and promote the effectiveness of all the assistance and people’s policies to create a better business environment.

For the Chengdu High-tech Zone, the ultimate beneficiary of the reform of foreign-related preferential policies is optimized is the main body of nearly 190,000 households under the "One District of the 4th Park" layout system.

Whether the reform can be successfully promoted, and it is effective to test the ability of Chengdu High-tech Zone to seek preferential and opportunities for enterprises.

However, in the previous visits, the online government staff of Chengdu High-tech Zone found that many companies in the district had the same confusion – everyone’s knowledge of the information of the relevant preferential policy information, and various preferential political Multi-door, "fragmentation" organizational structure is often becoming "stumbling foot" to implement Hui En-enterprises. In the latest "Action Plan", "Fully Promoting the Capital Offer Policy" is one of the 9 major reform initiatives of Chengdu High-tech Zone Focus and optimize the innovation entrepreneurial environment.

The reporter learned that the specific content of "Window" includes: carrying out industrial "policy crowdfunding" in policy development, establishing a comprehensive window and online platform for policy-related preferential policies, gradually realizing all incidental preferential policies Related matters "a mouth acceptance, window pass, one network query, limited time to complete", etc.

According to reports, Chengdu High-tech Zone, the preferential policy system will be officially launched before the end of April. By then, the system will provide companies with preferential policies and list-style sharing and policy previews.

In addition, the starting point of the company’s full life cycle service – the company is open.

"Action Plan" clear "enterprise to start" to compress the process in accordance with the "one thing" standard, integrate 3 links into 1 link, submit the material to 5 pieces, and achieve 6 hours of enterprise registration, enterprises "Zero Fee", 24 hours, anytime, anywhere, "online business". The first "judgment" mechanism cross-sectoral will solve the influence of enterprise difficult epidemics, and timely solve practical problems such as the applicants, funds, production and operations of the enterprise, restore and stimulate market vitality as soon as possible, and become the inevitable requirements for the severe economic situation at home and abroad.

At present, under the unified deployment of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Chengdu High-tech Zone is carrying out "send policies, help enterprises, send services, solve problems" – focusing on enterprises and industry commonality and pain points, set up a special kit root base It is concentrated a month to help companies sleep well.

This makes more and more companies "resurrect" services under the snow in the snow. Not only that, in the active sinking, understanding the corporate appeal, summing up the reform of the difficulty point, and the "action plan" is also more concerned about the exquisite and bailout of existing reality. Among them, a high-tech initiative in Chengdu triggered concern – perfect joint judgment mechanism, explore the establishment of business environmental appraisal rooms, smooth enterprise suggestions, consultation, complaint channels, innovation of government interaction mechanisms.

Previously, due to the missing documents caused by historical legacy issues, a company was blocked in the Chengdu High-tech Zone.

Upon receipt of enterprise appeal feedback, Chengdu High-tech Zone International Craft Business Environmental Construction Leading Group Office organizes the coordination meeting, and the person in charge of the departments communicate with the enterprise, discussing the solution and timely follow-up.

In the end, under the judgment mechanism of cross-sectoral conferences, enterprise appeals have been resolved in a timely and effective solution. At present, Chengdu High-tech Zone has successfully solved the painful difficulties of many areas of medical beauty, preferential policies declaration, and enterprises through this mechanism.

Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Network Government Office of Chengdu High-tech Zone, "The Establishment of ‘Detecting Room’" is conducive to breaking the barriers of institutional mechanisms, coordinating the complex problems of cross-sectoral and cross-areas in the form of departmental conferences. Solution. "For difficulties reflected in the visit, the financing is difficult, financing is expected," action plan "also clearly proposed, to greatly improve the financial credit environment, play the government’s multi-faced bridge and increase trial, integrate" Yin Zheng Enterprise "financial credit Service, establish financial credit, professional intermediary service integrated window in the government affairs hall.

It is understood that in the newly created government hall in Chengdu High-tech Zone, there will be a special space reserved to the Business Service Center for introducing a group of accounting, legal, asset assessment, credit institutions and other international domestic famous third-party finance. Service institutions, realize the financial services "visual" "comparable" "optional", providing SMEs with a lending consultation, renewal, and other investment services.

(Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia).